Thursday 29 October 2015

The Wedding Day 25/10/15

As promised the day dawned bright and sunny and in theory we’d had an extra hour’s sleep due to the clocks changing for the end of summer time.  Nick and I had a leisurely breakfast and then the fun began.

You will note from the picture above that this was a same sex marriage with two brides, our daughter Rebecca (on the left) and her fiancé Victoria.  It was a challenge getting two brides ready for their big day.  We had stayed at the venue, Sopwell House, the night before as this gave us two rooms for the brides to get ready with their bridesmaids.  Our room wasn’t that big however and when we discovered that the room allocated to one of our sons for the wedding night was available from first thing we decamped there to prepare.  Victoria also had to move during the preparations to the bridal suite that was allocated to them for their wedding night.

There were two make-up artists plus a hairdresser who alternated between the rooms plus the photographer who kept switching between the rooms too.  With 2 brides, 3 bridesmaids, mother of one bride plus relatives of the other bride it was a bit of a military operation to make sure everyone was suitable groomed and prepared for the big event.  But we did it.  Just!  The champagne might have helped.  It was lovely for me to spend that morning with Rebecca and her two bridesmaids.

We were almost ready when the registrar came to check that Rebecca’s details were still the same and that she hadn’t changed her mind.  Phew, glad to get that over with.

And then it was 3 pm and time to head down to the ceremony room.

The ceremony was beautiful.  The girls looked beautiful as did their attendants.  It was a civil ceremony but they had readings and the registrar was lovely.  Especially when they hit a slight hitch.  No rings!

The registrar asked for the rings from the Man of Honour who looked at her blankly and announced he didn’t have them.  There was an awful moment of silence then he repeated that he didn’t have them.  There had been an oversight and the rings had been left in the bridal suite.  Poor Victoria looked horror struck.  The wedding co-ordinator from the venue was despatched to retrieve them which offers of substitutes came from many of the guests attending.  The registrar wasn’t phased at all and was soon able to continue with the actual rings.

 The picture above shows the girls having just been given their marriage certificates.  The Registrar made a joke about them needed to hand them over to someone for safekeeping as brides didn't usually have anywhere safe to put them.  Rebecca was able to point out that her dress had pockets!

A wish jar - guests wrote notes for the brides.  They will open the jar on their 1st Anniversary.

A keepsake box.
Each table had a picture of places they had been to or will visit during their honeymoon.
Our immediate family plus Nick's Mum.  I'm the one with the hat!

Main course

Chocolate cake!

 The two brides at the front of the cake were crocheted by one of the bridesmaids and were really cute.

 After the ceremony there were photographs taken while guests were provided with drinks and canapes and then we entered the main function room for the wedding breakfast. 


A proud Grandma with 19 of her 23 grandchildren.  Unfortunately the 4 French boys were unable to make the wedding.

Prior to sitting down for the meal the girls were welcomed in a traditional Jewish way, including a dance where the brides were lifted up on chairs while guests all danced in circles.  (Victoria is Jewish.)  

Speeches were given by the Man of Honour, one of Rebecca’s bridesmaids and then the brides themselves.  The Man of Honour had also put together a video of clips family members, including ourselves, had sent him with messages for the happy couple.

Then there was dancing until midnight.  They had a live band who played two sets during the evening and they were really good.

All in all it was a wonderful day.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the story of the rings will be the anecdote that will no doubt be repeated for many years to come.

And next year we will be doing it all again for this happy couple - my eldest son and his fiance. 

Part one of the wedding blog can be found here.


  1. What a beautiful event! My best wishes for the brides. Everything looked lovely and and radiant; the cake was spectacular. My wish is for many years of happiness for these two young women.

  2. Well, it was a beautiful wedding and I so enjoyed seeing the brides and all of the family members!! Great photos! And now you have another happy occasion coming up in 2016!! The cake is very unusual with all the ruffles! Very nice!

  3. As a guest at the wedding, I can confirm that it was a wonderful day and both girls looked fabulous. We were really happy to be a part of their big day.

  4. Congratulations to the wedding couple. What a beautiful wedding they had and they look gorgeous! I wish them all the best. That is one amazing cake.

  5. How wonderful! And what a beautiful wedding. Much happiness to the brides.

  6. Looks like it was a beautiful day! Congratulations! (Also mazel tov!)

  7. Hi,
    Wow, what a lovely day. It all looks beautiful.
    Oh my - that cake - it looks amazing!


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