Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Wedding - part 1 - last minute preparations.

We seem to have been leading up to the wedding for ages and then suddenly it was almost upon us.  I had kept giving offers of help but the nature of these things are that brides don’t want to delegate too much.  I spent an afternoon with Rebecca on Thursday doing a few jobs for her including putting the rubbish out – housework has definitely been on the back burner lol.  I also had the task of pressing 4 cream pashminas.  With a steam iron that can be a bit temperamental, as in spitting out mucky water at times, which was a bit worrying.  But I managed to get them all pressed without any disasters.

Nick and I were also tasked with collecting THE DRESS on Friday.  Again, easier said than done.  The shop is in a huge retail centre with lots of parking areas and I wanted to park as close to the shop as possible.  I parked close to where I needed to be but having consulted with the shop assistant I attempted to repark in the best area.  Well I usually have a good sense of direction but I completely lost my bearings and ended up having to get directions by phone.  It was all very stressful but I got there eventually and we were able to get Rebecca’s dress and those of her two bridesmaids safely home.

Then the real fun began as we had to hang her dress up and let down the train to keep it from creasing up.  I was paranoid about keeping it safe so I had sheets on the floor and on the door behind it and one over it to make sure it didn’t get marked at all.  I made sure my hands were freshly washed every time I went anywhere near it.  

After that drama we had a relaxing evening with Rebecca and my youngest son and his wife here for dinner.

On Saturday I went off to get my hair done and then both sons and their partners were here for an early dinner before we set off for the wedding venue – Sopwell House, a country hotel with its own function suite and grounds.   This meant getting THE DRESS back into the carrying bag which was a bit of a challenge.  We also had to wait for a rain shower to pass over before loading everything into the car.  It was a great relief when we got everything safely to the venue.

It was a rainy evening when we arrived but we went to sleep with the promise of sunshine for the big day.

For part two - the wedding day itself go here.


  1. Now with the glorious day behind you, you can sit and relax. A well-deserved rest. :)


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