Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday Five News 2/10/15

Here are some more snippets of news that I’ve noticed this week.  I’ve tried to stay away from the political storm that Jeremy Corbyn seems to be brewing.

In INTERNATIONAL  news I couldn’t help but be aware of the shooting at a college in Oregon.  It has received extensive coverage here and my heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy.  I’m sure it will fuel the debate for tighter gun controls in the US.  In reading that story I noticed a link to an earlier story (March 2013) that reported on a decision by the state of South Dakota to allow its teachers to be armed.  Not compulsory of course but a scary move. 

In LOCAL  news my decision to rely on old fashioned maps rather that a SatNav has been vindicated after Google moved the Brecon Beacons to London!  Most UK residents will be aware that the Brecon Beacons are in Wales but a Google glitch showed them as being in central London.  The CEO of the National Park Authority also stated that they are only 3 hours away.  I wish!  Takes us an hour just to get to the other side of London.

Moving on to SPORT: This item is about the ongoing saga relating to West Ham football club relocating to the Olympic stadium.  (West Ham are one of my local clubs.)  There seems to be a lot of secrecy over the amount West Ham are contributing towards this, something which a lot of people would like made public.  What I can gather is that they have paid some money towards the conversion works, as have our local council (£40 million).  The government have also paid towards it.  West Ham will also pay an annual rental.  The controversy seems to be over how much the taxpayer will be expected to contribute towards ongoing running costs.

Given that the stadium will still be used for major sporting, particularly athletic events, and used for a major part of the year by the football club I think it’s great that it will not be left languishing unused and become a white elephant.  What I’m not convinced about is why, West Ham, having done a lot of redevelopment at their current ground, felt the need to move.  I think a lot of people are thinking this way and wondering what the inducements might have been.

In ENTERTAINMENT   the new James Bond theme song by Sam Smith was unveiled this week.  It has received mixed reviews but I actually like it.  It’s also predicted to make #1 in the charts.

And finally MISCELLANEOUS: This sink hole opened up overnight this week.  It must have been an awful shock for the residents.  I now know what causes these holes now but I’m not sure who’s responsible for sorting it all out

Plus on a more upbeat note: apparently Everyone knows that you swipe right if you like someone on dating app Tinder. Or you swipe left if you're not so bothered.  Now the makers are introducing a new feature - swipe up.

It's been tried out in Australia and is meant to show that you REALLY like the look of someone.”
Well I only just about knew what Tinder was.  Will swiping down turn it off??????
All links are courtesy of the BBC website. Opinions are my own.

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