Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Stupid litte Drama 6/10/14

Having made a start on stripping wallpaper last week I got a bit more done at the weekend.  Not loads but at least I was still moving in the right direction.  I also attended my daughter’s first fitting for her wedding dress.  She is going to look beautiful.  Yes I know all brides look beautiful but she’s my bride and I’m allowed to be biased.

I felt as if I was going down with a cold at the weekend.  My throat felt scratchy and I was coughing at night so I decided to stay away from my sister-in-law and mother-in-law.  Don’t want to put them at any risk.  I didn’t feel too great yesterday but after a long lie in I decided that I really ought to push on with the wallpaper stripping.

Well I obviously pushed myself too hard.  I was trying to finish another wall but I reached a point where I knew I needed to stop.  I was feeling a bit wobbly as it was past lunch time and even I’m not stupid enough to be wobbly while on a step ladder.  However, I didn’t realise just how wobbly I’d got.  I made it down to the kitchen intending to make myself a cup of tea and something to eat and I just couldn’t.  I felt awful really quickly and I knew I needed to get help as I thought I might pass out and I was on my own.  It was a most horrible feeling and in my panic I actually called the emergency services.  By this time I was laying on the floor with my legs raised.  (Having taken a first aid course does help sometimes.)

Anyway long story short.  I’m fine.  I rested for a while.  Had a chat with a paramedic who arranged for my GP to call me.   By the time he called I was feeling much better (I’d had sweet tea and food by that time.)  We had an interesting chat about causes of faints and symptoms that could be displayed (including the cramp I experienced in my hands at one point, which was particularly scary as I just couldn’t move them for what seemed like ages but was probably only seconds.)  He referred to Jane Austen heroines who were prone to swooning but how it’s always good to have a Mr Darcy around in the event!  I went in to see him this morning to check my blood pressure which was fine and got my annual flu jab at the same time.

Moral of the story, listen to your body and don’t try and push it too hard, especially if you’re up a step ladder and no Mr Darcy on site! 


  1. Glad you are ok, and sorry that Mr. Darcy wasn't there to catch you in your swoon.
    Yes, eat something - low blood sugar does me in all the time.

  2. Oh my, that had to be scary! Glad you are okay. Sounds like your blood sugar may have been too low. We don't listen to our bodies like we should, I agree with that. I think most women do the same thing Take care and please show us a photo when you are done with your re-decorating!

  3. So glad you were able to get down before it got worse! This is the kind of thing I fear most since Jerry died. There is no Mr Darcy ever going to be around. Some days the fibro makes me stagger around like I've been a drunken binge. In the mornings when I get up, I'm often drunk as well and have actually walked from my bedroom to the kitchen like I was on a ship in a storm. I worry about falling a lot.

    Definitely take some photos, Wendy, when you're done.

  4. That sounds really scary. So glad you are ok. Take it easy.


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