Saturday, 14 May 2016

SoCS - 14/5/16

Well it's still Saturday, just, so time for SoCS.  If you would like to take part click here to visit Linda's site for all the details and the links of other bloggers taking part.

This week's prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: Start your post with a two-letter word. End it with a two-letter word for bonus points. Have fun!

If I was a scrabble player I could probably do most of this post with two letter words.  I find the list of two letter words acceptable for scrabble baffling.  I don't know what some of them even mean!  I do enjoy a game of scrabble but also enjoy crosswords, logic and number puzzles.  The biggest problem is finding the time for them, or as can often be the case, finding a way to stop doing them and get on with things that need doing at home!  

So I can try and do a post with small words but that is not how I want to write and as an avid writer who likes to use lots of words, small ones just don't do it for me!


  1. I love to play Scrabble, too. It is hard to stop once you get going on a game. :)

  2. We love to play Scrabble...and all three of us are highly competitive as well. Have a beautiful rest of your Sunday, friend.

  3. I like Scrabble, but I prefer crosswords etc. Maybe because then I'm only competing against myself. Have a great Sunday :-)

  4. ah good old scrabble. It is fun when we make up words :) Good Socs @Daisy from
    Daisyinthe willows

  5. There used to be some great games of Scrabble at my house. We have a Scrabble dictionary and if the word isn't in there we don't allow it. But it is more than 20 years old so I should update it. And try to get these kids off their phones long enough to play a game of Scrabble with me!! Great post!!

  6. The best sentences have a combination of different size words. It's all about balance! I haven't played Scrabble in a while.

  7. We always have a rule for playing scrabble in my have to know the meaning of the word BEFORE you can use it :)


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