Monday, 2 May 2016

Weekend round up

Phew it's been a busy blogging month thanks to the A-Z challenge and we've just had a busy weekend.

My daughter, our eldest child, turns 30 in a couple of weeks so we spent this weekend in the Cotswolds with all our children and their partners.  It was lovely.  The house we stayed in in Burford was lovely and we enjoyed clay pigeon shooting, a meal out in a very old pub, a tour round a whisky and gin distillery and a meal cooked for us in the house by a former Master Chef finalist. 

It's so gratifying to see all our kids and their partners together - they get on so well and we all had a really great time.


  1. You certainly packed a lot in over the weekend.

  2. How absolutely wonderful!! Nothing better than family time.

  3. :-) Family time is the best. :-) Love the smiles.


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