Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sunday catch up 29/5/16

Well it's Sunday evening here and I thought it was time to do a catch up.  

I'm still recovering, slowly, but each day is a little bit easier so I'm trying to stay positive.  It hasn't been easy and I've watched a lot of TV and not been very productive.

I did manage to get some tidying done in the cellar on Friday.  We were due to have a Smart Meter fitted by our electric company which meant clearing some space for them to be able to work on it.  Well clearing the space led to a real clear out and a good tidy up so that was a good job done.  The only problem seems to be that although we now have the new meter installed it is NOT smart!  It should be able to send meter readings to the supplier remotely but that side of things doesn't seem to work.  Probably because the cellar is below ground level although I do get phone signal down there.

They will continue to try and get it working.  I won't hold my breath.

Yesterday we attended a beer festival at our local club and it was a lovely warm afternoon.  It was just good to get out of the house and although I have no interest in beer several other family members were there so it was nice to see them.

Our daughter-in-law went with us but our son is currently on a stag weekend in Latvia.  When we were young stag and hen dos usually consisted of a night out with friends at a bar or restaurant.  These days they have become very elaborate affairs.  Hopefully he will get back in one piece tomorrow.

Today I attended Mass and read for the first time.  It was a bit nerve wracking as the Priest in attendance is one that is a stickler for everything being done just so!  It seemed to go okay though so next time will be easier - there is a rota for readers.  I usually stay after Mass and help serve tea and coffee but I forgot to take any painkillers before leaving home so I was just glad to get back home and rectify that.

Our niece's baby is still very poorly but they do seem to have identified the problem.  It seems that she has a metabolic condition that is genetic and prevents her body from absorbing fats from food.  Hopefully now that they have established the cause they can begin to provide treatment.  She is nearly six months old but still looks like a 2-3 month old baby and the last few days she had to be ventilated due to breathing difficulties.  Thankfully today they have taken her off the ventilator and her parents have been able to have proper cuddles with her.   Thanks to all who have been praying for her.

So that's all the news from here.  We have a bank holiday tomorrow but now that hubby only works 3 days a week every Monday feels like a holiday now!  Hopefully this week I'll get back to more regular postings.


  1. I do hope you continue to be on the mend! We have a new smart electrical meter here too! I enjoy getting the weekly updates letting me know how much electricity I am using and what the cost is at each time! Helps to remember to keep the use to a minimum. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Stag and Hen parties seem to be such extravagant affairs these days. I too remember when it just involved a night out locally. Pleased to hear your niece has a diagnosis. Let's pray they can now begin to treat the condition.

  3. Keeping that dear baby in prayer. Please keep us posted. Glad you are doing better too!

  4. I'm glad your reading went well at church. Speaking in front of people always makes me nervous. Sending positive thoughts for your niece and your continued recovery.

  5. Keeping the baby and her family in prayer. Also, keeping you in prayer. Today/Monday is Memorial Day, nothing is opened...well...except Walmart/the stores. Have a beautiful day, friend.

  6. Yay for beer parties! :)
    Glad the reading for Mass went well. I was a reader at one time; now am involved in music ministry. It was nerve-racking for me to get up & read in front of the congregation. I don't mind playing my flute during Mass...just don't try to get me to read! :)


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