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Reflections on the A-Z Challenge 7/5/16

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This was my second challenge.  Last year I learned about the challenge from a friend at just the right time for me.  I’d recently stopped working and needed something to motivate me to get back into blogging regularly.  I survived by the skin of my teeth.  But I loved it.

This year I decided to plan ahead.  I’d chosen my theme before Christmas (London Underground stations) and even planned a schedule for getting out and about to visit the stations and get some photos.

So far so good. 

I even began drafting the posts.

I was feeling so pleased with myself. 

Then life intervened, a bereavement and illness pushed my schedule way behind and then the weather wasn’t kind to me either.  But I was ahead enough to get through.

I had some lovely feedback on my posts and I really enjoyed doing the research.  I even took myself to the London Transport Museum to get information for those tricky letters of X, Y and Z.  This was great personal development for me, especially as there was a time, due to depression and anxiety, when I wouldn’t even contemplate using public transport let alone travel around it on my own.

Lots of plus points there and of course I’ll be back next year.  Hopefully even more organized and therefore with more time to visit other blogs.  I managed to keep up with responding to those who left me comments but found it hard to visit new blogs and maintain contact although I have found a few new blogs to follow.   Now I’ll be going back to check out some more.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and a HUGE thanks to the organisers and their minions for making this such a great challenge.


  1. I'm one who really enjoyed your A-Z this year! Perhaps I'll give it a try in 2017. Need to start working on that NOW!!

  2. Thank you Wendy for your very informative and interesting blog posts on The A to Z Challenge. I enjoyed coming everyday to learn about another Underground stations.

  3. it was a triumphant A-Z, and a fabulous choice of topic. I am going t have to call on all your knowledge soon as my husband is likely to be transferred to the London office next year.

  4. I was so impressed with this challenge you set yourself as I would find the timescale of a daily post impossible. So well done Wendy.

  5. I LOVED your A to Z Challenge. I thought it was fascinating, and it was definitely one of my favorites this year.

  6. Well done, it is quite an achievement especially given the amount of research involved. I really enjoyed the posts and one day I might just be brave enough to come and travel around with you!

  7. I love the themes that required some physical activity related to the posting. Another blog was visiting various coffee shops in NYC. And of course you are taking the tube all over. I love mass transit, specifically rail lines whether above or below ground. All cities should have them.

    You've probably seen all the variations on the London subway lines. I especially like this one.

  8. Wow, just started to dip in to your A to Z as arrived here via this post and the linky list, but will have to come back as I'm falling asleep due to a stupidly long day at work...

    Have done Z, Y and W so far but LOVE your theme!!

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

  9. What a wonderful achievement for you, you should be really proud of yourself! I love the idea of doing a theme where you go visit places specifically for the challenge

  10. Hi Wendy. I started following you after I found your blog while blog hopping from North Carolina. A favorite subject of mine, the Underground, lured me right in. I have not had time to go back and read all of them, but it certainly is a theme you can repeat, but from a different perspective. I have a Pinterest board that I have pinned the fabulous art posters connected with the stations. Wish I could have been with you while out doing your research. The #Challenge is a lot of work, but rewarding when you find a blog like yours that has picked a theme that works well when you have only 26 days to gain new readership. Hope you have time to read my reflection with things I've learned over the four years. Keep blogging. I will be notified when you post and look forward to it.

  11. I found your blog late in the game, but loved your Z entry. Very interesting and informative. My last visit to London was in 2010, and I don't know what we would've done without "the Tube." Have you noticed how subways all over Europe and the U.S. (the only places I've visited) all have that same subway smell? Stale air, bodies, a hint of urine. The sounds are the same as well--there's an essence of subway that permeates a station. In San Francisco, I close my eyes as the train approaches an imagine I'm in London, Paris, Madrid or Frankfurt.
    Love your blog title, by the way.
    @RhondaGilmour from
    Late Blooming Rose

  12. My word! What an awesome undertaking! Going to have to go have a look through your challenge posts when I get some free time. Hope you're having a great day. And btw, I was blown away by your organizational skills!
    Impromptu Promptlings


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