Thursday, 12 May 2016

Just a bit of Waffle - 12/5/16 Well I think it’s time for a bit of waffle.  The A-Z challenge is a great thing to take part in for lots of reasons but it is time consuming.  So here I was thinking that I’d been slacking since the challenge finished but actually, having looked at my posts I’m not doing too badly although I’ve been AWOL since Monday.


Of course I’ve been visiting other blogs in the meantime and leaving comments plus responding to people who’ve visited me.  If I’ve missed you, apologies, if you’re one of my regular visitors thanks for staying with me.  It’s all appreciated.


Today’s been a good day so far; it helps that it’s bright and sunny out AND warm! Makes a change from the last couple of days that were miserable. 

I’m still adjusting to a) hubby reducing to a 3 day working week and b) having my son and DIL living with us.  It has thrown my routines out and actually had me quite unsettled.  More so with hubby being around than the youngsters.  They are hardly any trouble and are quite considerate about keeping us informed about mealtimes etc and sharing the appliances.

But it’s still a big change and having been used to being here all week on my own and doing my own thing it’s hard to adapt.  Must be getting old! Lol


We’ve had a few good things on this week though which I’ll share in the Friday Fave Five tomorrow but today has been a more normal day. (Hubby’s at work.) I’ve got quite a few chores done including washing.  Still playing catch up there due to the old machine breaking down.  We decided to go for a new one in the end as the repair was going to be quite expensive.  We had a bit of delay in getting it delivered as the shops delivery guy was off sick last week so it didn’t arrive until Tuesday.  It’s been working pretty much non-stop since then.  I’m more or less caught up now but the kids still have some to do.


My plan for today was to get the chores done and then walk down to the library – I have a couple of books due back and a reservation to collect.  I was then going to jump on a bus to Stratford and pick up a couple of things, including new sandals (my old faithful’s from last year which are so comfortable that I’ve worn them almost to death are looking more shabby than I remembered so a new pair is called for) and photograph albums.  One thing I did get around to earlier this week was sorting out some photos that need to go in albums.  I also need to print off some of our digital ones but that’s for another day.


However, I remembered my Fitbit needed charging.  It would be a shame to do all that walking about and not get credit for it.  While I’m waiting for that, and another load of washing to finish, I have the perfect excuse to sit down with a cup of tea and blog!  Well at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!  I told you this was going to be a waffle.


  1. It is great to be busy, isn't it? I am being lazy today although I am hosting a graduation party on Saturday. Just can't get into cleaning so I'm on the computer! WOW having your husband home and son and wife moving in would be a challenge. I think I might go a bit crazy! Hope your day is a good one!

  2. (((Smiles)))I certainty understand about the husband husband was forced into retirement 10 years ago...never mind, smiles.

    Since I am done for the summer, I can have more time to visit blogs, return emails and so on. Have a beautiful rest of the day.

  3. It's so funny you said that--I saw my Fitbit needed charging last night at bedtime. I figured it would keep. So this morning, I got up and plugged it in first thing. I didn't want to MOVE until it was finished, which was crazy because I wasn't going that far...just to let the dog out and such! But I felt like I'd be wasting steps and I hated to do that!

  4. Nice to catch up with you!! I have a Garmin VivoFit that doesn't need to be charged. The battery lasts for over 9,000 hours. Loving it. I rarely take it off.


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