Sunday, 4 October 2020

Getting to know the house!

Yep moving into a new house comes with various challenges.  Like the fact that there are 6 external doors and one internal door that lock with keys.  7 different keys!  We're gradually getting familiar with which key works for which door.  Some are easier to spot than others.

Then of course there is the key to the outside post box.  We only have one key for that.  No spares.  We've found a sensible place to keep it.  We just need to remember to check the box regularly.  Or maybe not.  In our old house we were in the middle of a terrace - houses either side and no side entrance.  Here we are semi-detached.

So in this picture you can see our front door, the garage to the left and then the gate into the garden.

This pic is taken from inside the garden and you can see the wet patch left by this parcel.

I have no idea when it was "delivered" (as in thrown over the gate) - no delivery card was left, or that this might even be a thing.  Of course I have heard of various delivery services being creative about what they consider to be a "safe" place to leave a parcel if you're out but in our old house they would usually leave it with a neighbour or in the porch. 

Now I know that I not only need to check the mailbox, I need to stick my head out the side door and check behind the gate! Yes getting to know a new house is a steep learning curve.

Fortunately the package inside the soggy box (a wall bracket for our TV) was fine.



  1. It always an adventure finding all the idiosyncratic ways of a new home. Wishing you joy as you discover yours in the new abode!

  2. Your new house looks lovely from the outside, Wendy! When we moved into our new home, three years ago, we had the locks changed and made one key work everything. That is working well for us. We have two mailbox keys, thank goodness, or we would have to leave one in the car. We have to go to our clubhouse to get our mail. I am glad your parcel wasn't ruined by being left in the rain!! Have a good week!!

  3. Good Luck Wendy! I am looking forward to hearing and seeing more of the new house.
    How are the grand-babies doing?

  4. The house looks really nice ! But 7 keys ? for outside doors ? I would get crazy I am the speialist in loosing keys. Fortunately both of us leave always all doors open (except the entrance of course). How is your garden, easy to entertain ?

  5. Oh my! I would need a system for all those keys. A bit of paint on the door with the same colour paint on the key...


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