Saturday, 17 October 2020

Friday's Fave Five - 16/10/20

Thanks to our host Susanne for reminding us to be mindful each week and find five things to be thankful for. You can join in here

Well Susanne mentioned in her introduction this week about the definition of habit being when something has been done so often that you don't even really have to think about doing something.  I haven't managed that yet with the Friday Faves - I don't even always get here every week and this post is probably going to tick over after midnight.  But I am here and here are my 5:

1)  Meeting Grandson #5 in person.  We went to Nottingham last Friday (hence no post last week) and stayed over until Saturday.  He is gorgeous!  And yes of course I'm biased.

Glad he likes my blanket!

2) A visit to Nathan & his Mummies in the week.  With another baby on the way they are being very careful about not mixing with others due to Covid so it's quite difficult for them, especially as Nathan is home all day and not at nursery.  Hubby and I both went which meant he could keep Nathan entertained while I did more practical stuff.  This week we tidied and organised the room that will be the new baby's room so that was a big tick on the to do list.

3)  More progress with our unpacking etc.  We're waiting on some IKEA furniture before we can sort all our books out but a lot of the boxes have now been unpacked.

4)  A step closer to getting my date of birth corrected on the Government's records. (I wrote about this here)  My daughter's friend who is a solicitor came by earlier today and certified the copies of my birth certificate and passport which I can now send in and, hopefully, get this mess sorted once and for all.

5)  An easy evening with Grandson Nathan.  Bit of a false alarm with his Mummy tonight (she's fine) but I had to go over and put Nathan to bed.  He was so good for me.  He made no fuss when his TV programme finished.  Let me take him up and clean his teeth.  We read 2 stories and then he settled down with no arguments and went to sleep.

So that's me done and now I'm off to bed!  I'll try and get around to reading your posts tomorrow.  Have a good weekend all.


  1. Congratulations on that sweet new baby in your family! Have a good weekend.

  2. Oh congratulations on your grandson’s birth!! It’s so wonderful that you got to see him! My daughter is expecting her third at the end of January. I can’t wait to meet her!

  3. Your newest grandson is beautiful and so is the blanket!! Nathan is such a good boy. It is a relief when they go to bed without a fuss. Our granddaughter, Lauren, was like that. We said bedtime and she just went to bed and right to sleep. A joy to have for two weeks each summer!

    1. Thanks Terri. Yes Nathan is better at going to bed. Just have to work on getting him to sleep all night now lol

  4. Oh, that precious curly head snuggling into his pillow:) And I can't remember if I've congratulated you on the latest one, but so happy for you! The blanket is beautiful and looks so soft and thick. Best to all the family.

    1. Thanks Karen. My daughter is obsessed with his curls. Fortunately cutting it doesn't seem to have reduced the curls

  5. Oh that new grandboy is adorable! (And I'm not biased). And so is the blanket. Well done, Grandma!
    I'm glad Nathan's mama is ok and that Nathan did well getting to sleep. That's always a plus.
    I hope you've had a good weekend.


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