Tuesday, 3 November 2020

20 in 20 - Weekly Photo #36 - w/c 2/11/20

Well here we go again after a long break so a few photos to look at.  Most of them were taken today, a couple are from Sunday.

Today I ventured out for a walk - I'm getting to know the local area around the lake and park close to our house.

I was very glad of these:

It is very muddy as we have had soooo much rain. Some parts of the path are really only suitable for wellies.


We live close to the river Ching which winds through the forest area. This is one of the bridges over it.


Not particularly secure looking but it serves its purpose.


It's not a particularly big river and it twists and turns.

The forest gives way to the open parkland.

There is a play area for children and also a cafe that's still open for takeaways.

And then back to the forest again.

The lake


Another bridge over the river that also seems a bit rickety but at least there are guard rails on this one!


Plenty of squirrels about today.

These fallen trees are an important landmark when heading home - get to these trees and then turn left (or right depending on which direction you've come from) to find the path that leads out onto the road for home.

The circuit from our house through the forest and around the lake is probably about a mile and a half - I keep forgetting to set my Fitbit to track it when we head out. Next time!

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