Thursday, 26 November 2020

20 in 20 - Weekly Photo #37 - w/c 23/11/20

Look who's here!

Say hello to our granddaughter - Ella Susan, born on 17th November.

Finally we can buy pink!

Now there are 6!

2020 has been a difficult year but for us it's also been full of blessings.


  1. Congratulations. A real bundle of joy.

  2. Congratulations!! I'm smiling so big for you right now:) Boys or girls they are all a joy to behold. I LOVE her name.

  3. Oh my, I have a big smile on my face and am SO happy for you all! Congratulations and God bless your sweet Ella! Keep posting those pictures!! xo

  4. Congratulations !!! Finally à girl how sweet ! At least somme Good news in these sad times !

  5. How wonderful. Grand babies are the very best!!

  6. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you all.
    Lots of Love,

  7. Congratulations! Grandbabies make hard seasons easier to bear. Enjoy spoiling her as all good grandparents should : )


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