Sunday, 5 May 2019

19 in 19 - April update - Alice style.

Now that the A-Z writing challenge has finished does that mean I'm allowed out on Sundays?

Oh hello Alice.  I wondered when you might resurface.  You've been very quiet this past week.

Well I thought you might want a break.  Wasn't that kind of me?

Yes it was Alice.  It's been a busy week and I really wouldn't have needed you wittering on in my head too.

Wittering on!  I do not witter.  Anyway isn't it time to do your 19 - 19 update for April?  It is now the 5th May you know.

Honestly?  I'm not sure there's much to update.  April was such a busy month what with babies, visitors and then completing the challenge.

Well that's one thing for updating for starters.  There must be more!  Lets have a look.

Ok Alice.  Anything for a quiet life!
1. Be more organised, plan ahead and waste less time
I think you were definitely more organised in April.

It was a case of having to be with the challenge & visitors.  But yes I think you're right I was more organised.

2. Work on the garden
You bought & planted flowers!

I did.  And I organised getting the shed roof repaired.
So 2 for 2.  This is going well so far.

3. Plan a lunch date/date night with Nick once a month (theatre/cinema/meal/outing)
Actually we managed 2 nights out that I can remember.  We went out for his birthday and then last weekend we ate out on Saturday.  

You're on a roll.

4. Eat at 6 new-to-me restaurants
Well we ate out a few times during the month but none of them were new to us.

What about the pub with the girls and Nathan?
Well it's like the pubs from last month - we're hardly likely to go there again.
But surely that doesn't matter?  You included a restaurant in Skegness last year that you'll never see again.
Fair point Alice but I'd like to think there's at least a chance of revisiting a new restaurant.
That's silly.  What if you don't like the restaurant?
Ok.  You win, this time!

5. Complete the A – Z blogging challenge
No need to get that excited expecially as half the work was mine!

6. Family weekend away for my birthday - in June
No progress here Alice.

I'll put my thinking cap on.
Just no nasty surprises please.

7. Look after my health – eat well, sleep well, play well
Well I think this month was quite balanced, apart from you keeping me awake Alice!

8. Visit my brother
At some point! 

He'll have forgotten what you look like.
No chance.  We're friends on Facebook.

9. Visit the beach
We're off to the South of France for a few days next month so this one will get done then!

Ooooo goodie a trip away.
I haven't decided if you're coming yet Alice.

10. Complete my reading challenge (52 books for the year)
Well this is one I know you'll get through.

Well I hope so.  I'm still on track, ahead of shedule in fact and April was a good month.
I read:

A Widow for One Year - John Irving.  4/5
Liar Liar - M.J. Arlidge 3/5
Where the light gets in - Lucy Dillon 4/5 
Still Me - Jojo Moyes  4/5
My dear I wanted to tell you - Louisa Young 4/5
Accidental Heroes - Danielle Steele 3/5
The Fallen - David Baldacci 3/5 
End Game - David Baldacci 3/5

As always, details and reviews can be found on my Goodreads site.

11. Keep a journal
Well this still needs work but I can see slight improvement.

Thanks Alice.

12. Blog at least once per week (plus regular memes)
Well I nearly managed every day thanks to the A-Z challenge but some of my regular memes got missed some weeks.

A good effort!

13. Organise/Take more photos
Hmm that pile of photos and albums behind the sofa are gathering dust!

Alice do you have to reveal so many of my secrets?

14. Update my clothes/accessories/make up etc regularly
I've pinned up the trousers that need shortening!

Yes and they've been sitting on the sewing machine for over a week now.

15. Do more crafting – move the sewing machine!
Shall we say "No comment" on this one?

Well I guess that's better than a sarcastic comment from you Alice.

16. Try out a new recipe or do a bake each week
I really don't think that all these Hello Fresh meals count for this Wendy!

17. Visit/see Grandson Noah every month
We missed him in April.  But we'll see him soon as it's his first birthday this month!

Maybe if you spent less time drooling over his photos on Lifecake you'd get more done?
But I miss him Alice!

18. Make progress on the house plan
Woo hoo.  Roof works done.  Now on to the works that need doing in the kitchen.

You mean more banging and crashing?  It was very scary when those men were on the roof!

19. Lose 19 pounds 
Did you even get on the scales this month Wendy?
Umm it seemed a bit pointless when I knew I wouldn't like what they registered.
Yep time for walkies!
I'm not a dog Alice.
Maybe you should get one.
Now that's the best thing you've said all day.



  1. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! I enjoyed your posts.

  2. Hello Alice! Still giving Wendy some grief, I see! (winking)

  3. I think your month must be twice as long as mine to have completed so much!

  4. Sorry I missed some words out there.
    I think your month must be twice as long as mine for you to have completed so much!


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