Friday 10 May 2019

Friday's Fave Five - 10/5/19

It's Friday again and time to count our blessings for the week. This meme is hosted by Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story. Pop over there to find out more and see who's taking part.

Yay I'm here two weeks running. That's something to be thankful for but as for my favourite five they are:

1) Good news on a matter involving my daughter. I don't want to say any more just yet - don't want to jinx things (and no another grandbaby is not on the way - at least not as far as I know!) Hopefully I'll be able to reveal more once things are a bit more definite.

2) A long weekend. We didn't do much at all but sometimes it's just nice to have down time.

3) A hubby that cooks. We're back to our Hello Fresh deliveries this week which of course are easy to prepare but when hubby takes over it makes my life even easier. Much appreciated especially after a long day with Grandson Nathan.

4) Reading time. I've managed to find quite a bit of reading time this week.

5) A renewed desire to get back to walking regularly and keeping my step count up. Partly helped by better weather although this week hasn't been the best. Having said that I'm off out now for a short walk as I'm home alone today.

I hope you have a good weekend and if it's appropriate Happy Mother's Day on Sunday! (We celebrated back in March here in the UK.)


  1. A husband that cooks! In my next life, and if I should decide to get married in that life - the man will need to know how to cook!! After 50 years of cooking, something I didn't like in the first place, I am pretty much DONE with cooking. *sigh*. Except if I want to eat, I guess I am not done! You are a lucky lady.

  2. Yay for the good news re your daughter! And for down time - much needed. It does help to have someone else cook some times. Reading is a major favorite. Good work on the walking. We bought a used exercise bike a few weeks ago, enabling me to get back into regular exercise.

  3. Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes. xx oo
    Same to you my friend, late wishes.

    I am excited about the Good News for your daughter!!! Lucky you with the reading time. I am hoping for that too. I have a new book to read.

  4. Now I can't wait to hear the news about your daughter! A good list and thanks for the Mother's Day wishes!

  5. You've given me something to think about. My husband can cook as long as he doesn't have to plan it and is given direction. Hello Fresh might be just what I need to do! Happy Mother's Day, Wendy.

  6. I love when my husband cooks dinner! A true blessing.

    I love reading! And down time! And my daily power walks!

    To answer your question about the Lyme disease: yes I'm much better! A flare up only typically lasts for me from 1-4 days...this was 2... mainly major joint pain and deep muscle aches. Lyme lies dormant in ones body and i have arthritis in my elbow and knee joints because of it, i don't let it stop me from hiking and biking though! I just push through the pain. This last flare up was bad though so i lay low

  7. Now you made me curious about your daughter, maybe it's a new job ? Mr. G. since retired took over cooking too, or rather warming up in the microwave, I compose it before, but it's easy everything is ready has just to be put together. My days are short, all two days 40 km return !

  8. I'm all about long weekends where there is nothing planned. Down time is always nice. How nice to have your hubby cook. Reading time is always a favorite. And now I'm so curious about your daughter. :)


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