Sunday, 19 May 2019

Where's Wendy?

Psst, Alice here.  (If you're new here and don't know about me check this post out!)

It's all ok here.  Wendy is fine but those grandchildren of hers are keeping her very busy.

This past week she had Rory all day Monday
 and then Nathan on Tuesday. 

They're lovely but tiring (even when Grandpa helps out) and I haven't had the heart to bother her when she's got home.

I did think the rest of the week would be quiet, particularly as Nathan was away with his Mummies on Thursday so Wendy had 3 days free, except she was busy finishing this:

Having knitted a blanket for Nathan (which took her ages!) of course she had to provide one for the following grandchildren, except the next two came along together and very quickly after Nathan.  So she's been working on two blankets for a while but, as a special event was looming, she had a deadline to meet this week because, Noah's first birthday was last Friday!

Of course that meant a trip to Nottingham this weekend so it's been very quiet around the house.  All I've heard is the clicking of knitting needles and, while they were away animal noises.

No I'm not going mad, there is still a cat in the house who is making herself very much at home.

Which means this blog has been very much neglected.

I'd like to say normal service will be resumed now the blanket and other pressies have been delivered to Noah but as Rory will be one in two weeks time there is now another blanket needing to be finished.

You might have to put up with me a bit longer!   Apologies though, Wendy won't let me comment on your blogs or reply here to your comments.  I can't imagine why.  Anyone would think she doesn't trust me!


  1. Totally understand the demands of being a grandmother. Trying to fit everything in is not easy.

  2. Hello Alice. Nice that you are holding down the fort while Wendy is so busy with those adorable grands!!

  3. Oh my, Wendy do you have an all white cat? I had an all white cat while growing up. His name was Fred. And can you believe I have yet to find another.

    Have a fun week!

    1. She's not completely white - she has a tortoiseshell tail and a few brown patches but she's actually my daughter's cat.

  4. I think she doesn't want to share her story with any one else otherwise she trusts you.
    Sandy recent posted
    Four Weddings and a Funeral

  5. Oh, those grandchildren are adorable!


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