Friday 18 October 2019

Entry for SoCS badge competition 2019

Linda, who hosts the regular Stream of Consciousness Saturday meme is looking for a new badge.  Well I do like to give myself a challenge but I'm not particularly artistic, however scanning through my photos I came across this pic from when we were in Australia.  The wallaby is obviously contemplating something and with the No Stopping sign it seemed quite apt for this challenge.  

I'll admit to not being a regular poster in SoCS so if Linda wants to disqualify my on that front I will not be in the least bit offended.   I just enjoyed finding my photo and playing around with it.

If you want to see other entries or put your own entry in pop over to Linda's site here.


  1. Cute photo and idea! Let us know if she likes it!

  2. Cool photo! Thanks very much, Wendy. :) Good luck!


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