Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Wednesday Medley - 23/10/19

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1.On this date in 2001, Apple introduced the iPod, a pocket-sized media player. Are you old school with Sony Walkman and CDs? Has your iPhone or smartphone eclipsed those functions? Hop in the car and listen to the radio? Or you don't require a soundtrack to your life? 

I don't really require a soundtrack playing - I prefer the quiet.  I never had a Sony Walkman with CDs (I might have had something that played cassettes though!  They're the things with tape in them. lol) I have an iPod shuffle that I do use if I'm going for a walk and want some music playing and I do put the radio on in the car or play CDs - our car came with a 6 slot CD player which is great for long journeys.

2. Today we celebrate Mole Day. Not the burrowing subterranean rats. Not angel kisses. Nor the Mexican sauce which is pronounced to rhyme with olé as if we are cheering a matador at a bullfight and is great with chicken and rice.
This mole is a relationship between mass and weight and is a basic unit of measurement in chemistry.

H2O has a molar mass of 18; a mole of water weighs eighteen grams.

It is expressed as 6.02214076 × 1023. Ten to the twenty-third meaning October 23rd and 6.02214076 translating to 6:02 in the morning. Or I suppose if you don't keep military time you could celebrate in the evening, too.

So. Are you a science or math nerd? Which begs the eternal question: Why are we cool and guy nerds are dorks? 

Well I enjoyed science and maths but reading the above makes me wonder how? lol  
3. Because Mole Day is all sciencey, it kicks off National Chemistry Week.

Did you take a chemistry class? What were your first impressions on being in a laboratory classroom? Do you recall your early experiments? Did you have a lab partner? Did you want to strangle her? Was the prospect of capital punishment or twenty⁠—to⁠—life in the slammer and getting a poor grade on your report card a deterrent? Or was her enthusiasm infectious and she was a sheer joy to be around?
Yes I took chemistry for 2 years and it was ok.  Don't remember having a specific lab partner but it was a long time ago!  Experiments using Bunsen burners or things exploding were the best.
ALTERNATE QUESTION: Ever been on a date and the chemistry was just all wrong?
4. National Boston Cream Pie Day. Not a pie. Two yellow butter cakes baked in pie tins. A vanilla custard cream filling with luscious slathering of chocolate ganache over the top. Mmmmm. Custard cream. Luscious slathering of chocolate ganache.

Have you ever spontaneously without forethought gone out to the frozen custard stand or ice cream parlour or soda fountain to treat yourself? Met up with friends for coffee and dessert?
I can't say that I have although I'll often skip a starter or just have a starter and no main so that there is always room for dessert.  Best part of the meal in my opinion.
ALTERNATE QUESTION: When reading about something delicious, do you do a mental checklist of ingredients and think about heading to the kitchen to whip up whatever strikes your fancy?
I am not a spontaneous type of cook.  I can produce pretty good results but I need recipes and a plan!

5. Heeeeeeeere's Johnny! Happy Birthday, Johnny Carson! And Happy National TV Talk Show Hostess / Host Day! Have a favourite talk show you regularly watch?
The closest to a favourite would probably be Graham Norton but I don't always watch the show.
BONUS QUESTION: Do you miss Johnny Carson? Do you think he was a great host who set the standard for current talk show hostesses and hosts?
From the little I know of him (yes I know shock horror but remember I'm from the UK) yes probably.

6. Please share with us something interesting about your week. 
We survived looking after 2 of the grandchildren at the same time - just!  Blogged about it here.



  1. Chasing after those little ones is a whole different ball game at our age, isn't it? I love them to death and love having them hear, but my, oh my, am I relieved when they go home, too! I need a rest!

  2. My friend Spewgie and I loved staying at my grandparents' home. Except for bath time. My grandmother wasn't used to white people's hair and Spewgie would end up looking like Harpo Marx.

  3. OH yes, I agree love the grands, and want them around, but please dont go off and leave them here!

  4. I never liked walkmans or other Ipods or whatever I only listen to music in my car. I don't know this Carlson must be an American TV man and science was horror for me at school ! Love the picture with your son and the two boys !


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