Thursday, 10 October 2019

Wednesday Medley - 9/10/19 
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1. Space. The final frontier. October 4th ⁠— 10th is World Space Week. Over the course of your lifetime, how many solar systems or science projects have you created for the school Science Fair? Were any of your projects memorable? Have you ever peered through a telescope or visited a planetarium? Been away from city lights and enjoyed the night sky? I don't remember doing too many science projects but I have looked through a telescope and been to a planetarium.  I have been away from the city lights but we didn't enjoy the night sky - compared to where we live, our country retreat was soooo dark outside once night fell.  There were no street lights, it was a cloudy night so no moon.  We felt we needed a torch just to go around the corner for a meal in the nearby pub!
Bonus question: If you helped your child or a younger sibling with a science project, what grade did you receive?

2. It is also National Carry A Tune Week. Do you sing in the shower? In a choir? Carpool karaoke? Whistle while you work?
I do not sing aloud very often although I have been known to do karaoke at our annual family gathering.  (It's almost compulsory lol)
3. On this day in 1992, seventeen-year-old Michelle Knapp was watching television when she was startled by crash in the driveway. Little did she know but she'd have to cancel her date with her boyfriend. Her Chevy Malibu had been struck by a meteorite!

What is the strangest excuse you've ever heard? Or come up with?

It's a long time since I was dating!
4. Happy Birthday, John Winston Ono Lennon! John Lennon was resistant to The Beatles wearing identical suits which played a part of their early image leading to commercial success.

Have you ever worn a uniform or an outfit that you disliked?
Yes, when our school merged with another - our uniform was bottle green, theirs was navy blue.  The new uniform was described as petrol blue.  It was awful.  Plus you had people still wearing the old ones until they outgrew them.  It was such a mish mash.

5. We are in the midst of the Major League Baseball playoffs.

At the time of writing, the New York Yankees swept the Minnesota Twins to advance to the American League championship.

Is there a team you are cheering for? Is your team out of contention? Do you prefer a different sport? Or are sports not your thing?

American sports are really not my thing.  I used to follow UK football more closely - had family members working in the industry but when that ended I lost interest. 
6. Tell us something interesting about your week.

Nothing exciting going on here but going to a family party at the weekend so that will be fun! Of course the week is flying by - that's why I'm doing this on Thursday!


  1. Fun questions this week! Enjoyed your answers, Wendy!

  2. I know what you mean about dark neighborhoods at night. We had one small weak streetlamp and its burnt out now. At night it is blacker than black. Add to that the owls hooting in the trees at night and it is downright spooky! I love getting to know people with these fun questions each week. Have a lovely family party this weekend!

  3. Science is a mistery to me only the result counts ! I mostly was sick when I changed my mind and didn't want to go to a date, lol ! I never wore an uniform in my whole life.In Germany they had seen enough uniforms and they were forebitten in schools. Today nobody wants to wear one and schools don't ask for uniforms, it's still anchored in the people ! My grandma always told me that all man in uniform are bad ! I think that is why I am allergic to uniforms.

  4. Have a great week ahead, Wendy. smiles


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