Saturday, 23 November 2019

Friday's Fave Five - on Saturday! 23/11/19

Yes we still have some leaves on the trees and lots on the ground - I'm being very careful when out walking because when it gets damp those leaves can be slippery!  Anyway I'm a day late but better late than never when looking back over the week and finding things to be grateful for.

This meme is hosted by Susanne over at "Living to Tell the Story".  Pop over there to see who else is taking part.

Here are mine:

1)  It's been another reasonably quiet week so lots of time to catch up on reading and TV.

2)  Lunch with my best friend and our hubbies.  This was a belated birthday treat from them to me.  My birthday was back in June but what with holidays and just life in general, we hadn't got around to tying down a date for this until now.  So on Tuesday we met up at a local Greek restaurant that we both like and had a long, leisurely lunch.  Good food, good company.  What more do you need?

3)  Being able to deal with unexpected expenses.  Our car went to the garage this week - the parking sensors had developed a fault.  Of course there's usually something else that gets picked up on the health check, like a couple of light bulbs (that I did know about) and a tyre (that I didn't!).  However the car is now back with us and all sorted.  The bill was more than I expected but I am just grateful that we're able to deal with things like this and not have to worry.  

4)  I've started to get ready for Christmas.  This might not sound huge but it is to me.  When I was working, and in particular when my Mum was still alive but in the latter stages of Alzheimer's, Christmas was just a huge stress for me.  I always enjoyed the actual Christmas time but the lead up would drive me nuts.  Since I've not been working, and Mum is no longer with us, I've gradually become more relaxed about the whole thing and try to not leave everything till the last minute.  (I know some of you may have been planning for far longer than this but trust me this is good for me!)

5)  An evening with friends.  Yesterday I got together with 3 former work colleagues at one of their houses.  We usually meet at a pub or restaurant but one of them invited us to her home.  We had a yummy Indian takeaway, wine and lots of conversation.  It was good to catch up!  (But getting home VERY late meant I didn't get this post done yesterday.)

Today has been productive and I'm looking forward to tomorrow - hopefully will be on time next Friday to reveal more on that.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend all.

(Yes I did just do a post without mentioning any of the Grandkids! But can't resist posting this pic of Rory - he was at a birthday party of one of his nursery friends today - I'm assuming he didn't want to take the hat off lol) 


  1. What great times with friends! I think with work and caregiving, there's just not energy left to do much else. I hope you have a nice Christmas season this year!

  2. I can't believe how big Rory looks! Oh my goodness!! Celebrations with friends are always fun! My lunch bunch usually meets in a restaurant but Heather is doing our Christmas get-together at her house this year. It will be very nice to be more relaxed and have time to visit.

  3. We also have Ric's car to be checked (once a year) I suppose there is nothing special, at least I hope so. I had Toby on Whatsapp today and he wore a black pajama which looked like a skeleton it was painted in white on the fabric, I had to laugh it looked so funny, now I want the same to scare my neighbors. Nothing happened this week fortunately because I think a tse tse fly has biten me I am always tired or rather lazy !

  4. Having time with friends and coworkers is always a fave! (I listed that as a fave too)
    I guess that the best part of having the car repairs done is that your car is safer to drive now!
    You asked about the mystery book series: It's by C.A. Larmer. The first book is The Agatha Christie Book Club.

  5. It doesn’t matter when you get to celebrate your birthday, it’s cool that it got celebrated this past week. Yum, I love Greek food. What a blessing it is to be able to patronize ethnic restaurants. Last week my daughter and I went to an Ethiopian restaurant. My mouth is still watering every time I think about that meal.
    How nice to get your car all sorted out before the really nasty weather gets around to arriving. That is a blessing that you had the money to cover all the unexpected expenses.
    Hooray that you’ve started getting ready for Christmas. Retirement is a blessing in more ways than one.
    Your evening with friends sounds lovely. It’s especially nice when you get to go to someone’s home.
    Hooray Regarding a productive Saturday. Oh, you sure are being mysterious about what you’re going to talk about next week.:-)
    Have a great week.

  6. Your week sounds lovely with the belated birthday dinner and time with friends. That is always a blessing.

  7. Getting together with your friends sounded like a fantastic time.
    I always enjoy seeing your grandkids.


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