Monday 15 August 2022

An update on Nick, with Alice 15/8/22

Is that rain Wendy?
Oh please tell me it’s raining. I feel like I’m frying at the moment with this heat.

Yes Alice we have got some rain. At last, although I’m not sure how long it’s going to last for or how much it’s going to bring the temperature down but it is supposed to be a bit cooler for the rest of the week. 

Thank goodness. It’s like an oven in here. 

I know, it has been rather unbearable again. Even during the night temperatures have stayed high. 

Yes it hasn’t done wonders for your sleeping has it? I can tell. 

What do you mean Alice? 

It’s the dark shadows under the eyes that give it away Wendy. And your short temper of course. 

I have been very patient this last week or so Alice. 

Hmm with Nick as the patient? Not sure about that. He seems to be doing much better though apart from looking a bit yellow! 

Yes he is doing a lot better Alice but you’re right, the bruising on his face is a nice shade of yellow now and the bruising on his right arm in particular is pretty gross. 

When do you think he’ll be up to cooking again? That lamb curry you made last week was disgusting. And you haven’t exactly been very adventurous with your meal choices. 

Well the lamb curry was adventurous for me but not sure what went wrong. I was definitely too light handed with the spices. It didn’t really taste of curry at all. I was just worried I’d make it too spicy and I would struggle to eat it. Instead of which it was so bland it was horrible.


We have a Hello Fresh box coming tomorrow so that will help add some variety to our meals. 

Yes even you would struggle to spoil those Wendy. 

Well I could try. 

Please don’t. But I would have thought that if Nick is able to play his guitar, which I know he can, he should be able to do anything now. 

That’s a nice theory Alice but the main problem he still has at the moment is fully straightening his arms. The left one’s ok but he can’t get the right one fully straight but that’s not an issue when playing a guitar as you do it with your arm bent. 

Should he actually be playing the guitar then? 

Yes he can – we finally got the letter through from the hospital today and basically it said he should be mobilising his arms as much as possible but of course lifting things would still be tricky so cooking would be a challenge. 

Yes well at least you’re not having to help him shower anymore or get dressed. I didn’t know where to look when that was going on. 

Oh Alice, are you a bit of a prude? 

No I just didn’t need to be a witness to that. You’ve certainly kept to your marriage vow of “in sickness and in health” this last week or so Wendy. 

Of course. You can’t expect everything to be rosy all the time Alice. 

No but I suppose there were some small blessings I mean at least you never had to wipe his a..... 

Alice! I think that is too much information for our readers. 



  1. Yes, Alice - TMI!! LOL Oh Wendy, it is so hard to care for a loved one who is incapacitated. I am glad to hear the bruises are healing, at least, and that he can begin to use his arms. I'm sure your cooking is keeping your tummies filled and can't be as bad as Alice wants us to think! Sending love & hugs & healing thoughts!

  2. I'm so behind on my blog reading that I had to read back a couple posts. I'm so sorry to learn about Nick's fall! It sounds quite serious, and I'm glad to hear he is mending as well as expected. Life can change on a dime, can't it? Alice is helping you keep your sense of humor these days, which is a good thing;) Best to Nick and you.

  3. Hi Wendy,
    Goodness! I caught up on your blog. I am sorry about your husband, I am happy to hear he is healing and doing well.
    Oh that Alice... asking you that last question. Ha Ha!


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