Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Chatting with Alice - 2/8/22

Did you just do a Hodgepodge post Wendy?

I did Alice. I’ve even scheduled it to post early tomorrow. 

Hmm, but will you get around to linking it to the hosting site and visiting other bloggers? It is a "blog hop" after all. 

Well I’m certainly going to try Alice. 

So you’ll be ignoring me again then. 

I don’t ignore you on purpose Alice but sometimes I’m just too busy to chat to you like this. 

Busy doing what? You managed to get through enough books to write a blog post about. And now you’re on this walking kick with music plugged into your ears so you can’t hear me even if I try to talk to you. 

Well you’ve done a pretty good job of keeping me awake the last couple of nights Alice. 

Oh no you can’t blame me for that. I seem to recall there was a lot of reading going on – certainly the first night. 

Yes well that’s the advice when you can’t get off to sleep – stop trying and do something else, so I opted to read. 

Good job you have all these spare bedrooms so you don’t keep your hubby awake too. 

He’s the one who keeps me awake Alice, with his snoring. 

Actually, when he has his CPAP* machine on he doesn’t snore at all. Unlike you Wendy! 

I never hear myself snoring Alice so I think you must be mistaken. 

Nice try Wendy but you know that I’m right. 

How are you coping with this heat Alice? 

Nice try at changing the subject Wendy but I’m used to dealing with heat – there's so much hot air in your head at times. 

If things are that bad Alice I don’t know why you want to talk to me at all. 

I often don’t Wendy but I know you’d miss me. 


Definitely. Now how about a political discussion Wendy. Which one of those 2 Tory people do you want for Prime Minister. 

Alice! Do you really want to scare my readers away? Anyway I don’t get to vote so there’s no point in starting that debate! 

That’s a relief. I was only joking you know. 

Sometimes it’s hard to tell Alice. 


*CPAP machine - used to treat sleep apnoea

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