Thursday, 16 April 2015

A - Z Challenge - N is for Nieces & Nephews

My theme for this challenge is family and relations.

Nieces & Nephews “children of one’s brothers or sisters”

I have a lot of these.  My two brothers between them have produced 4, and hubby’s siblings have produced 20.  My eldest brother has a son and daughter, my other brother has two daughters.  On hubby’s side there are 9 girls and 11 boys so between us we have a 12 nieces and 12 nephews.  Quite a nice balance.  They range in age from 8 to 43. 

I saw a fair bit of my nieces and nephews when they were little but not so much as they’ve got older. We’ve probably seen more of hubby’s nieces and nephews – there have been lots of family gatherings such as baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, and now we’ve moved on to weddings and baptisms of their children.  We also get together at Christmas and other times during the years. The nice thing is that they get on well together and some of them are very close.  We have several born within a day of one another and several who share the same birthday.

We have some great memories particularly of our family camps – there is a great photo, which I won’t embarrass my daughter by showing here but it’s of her and one of her male cousins who was born the day after her.  They are about 2 ½ and they are in the middle of the camping field both sitting on their potties.  We also have some great shots of quite a few of them playing on a water slide at camp.  Another day out together involved riding on a quad bike – most of them needed to ride with an adult but they loved it.

It’s been really interesting watching them all grow up, although it seems to have happened too fast.  They all seem to be growing into sensible adults.  Some have gone off to university, others straight to work.  Some are now married and with children of their own so I am a great Aunt which makes me feel quite old but of course babies are very entertaining.  We had one great nephew here at the weekend and he kept us amused with his singing along to various YouTube versions of “Old MacDonald had a farm”!  

Of course I’m a niece myself but sadly I only have one Aunt still alive.


  1. Wow, that's cool that it worked out to 12 nieces and 12 nephews between you. I hope one day I get to be an Aunt. :)

  2. That's a lot of birthday cards to send!


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