Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A - Z Challenge - Y is for Y Chromosome

My theme for this challenge is family and relations.

Y chromosome “that which makes us male”

At a lot of points in my life I’ve had 3 males in the house. Sometimes my daughter has been there too so it was 3:2 but often it was 3:1. They are all typically male in that they drink beer, (and various other alcoholic drinks), they watch football, they’re messy, they’re noisy and sometimes they still leave the toilet seat up! (They’ve all got better with that as time has gone on. I can be a very persistent nagger!

They are also caring, well-adjusted and mature adults that are good to have around.

Apart from the times when hubby has had just a little too much alcohol. This changes him for a relatively quiet person to someone with verbal diarrhoea. That would be bad enough but it’s usually argumentative verbal diarrhoea. It’s also usually when he’s been out on his own and he returns to wake me up from sleep, wanting to chat. He of course cannot comprehend that I do not want to chat with him, let alone get involved in a disagreement when he is incapable of being rational. Due to his irrationality he then gets more argumentative when I won’t engage in the conversation. I’m sure you get the picture. But the really annoying thing about this is that he never wakes up with a hangover!


  1. I think your husband and I have a bit in common :-)
    But then I always maintain that the Y chromosome is just a defective X?..
    I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge. And yes, regular posting is something I need to strive for too... But not every day... I look at people with 500 followers and a list of blogs they say they follow themselves and I think "follow" ...really?? Do they do nothing else all day every day?
    Anyhow, you're ways welcome at The Rock.

  2. Yep, X is the much more balanced Chromosome (as I had read in another writer's post). I've been surrounded by 3 men (husband and our 2 sons) - all of which are lefties, except me, of course. Man oh man - talk about trouble:)

    PowerofStoryBlog - Every Hero Has a Story

  3. Agree with your friend, Y is just a defective X. They can never hope to be as fabulous as us because they have a bit missing!

    Not to mention of course that men were the original prototypes. God made man first and obviously thought it was ok but needed some refinements, hence woman!

  4. Not sure many men would agree with you though lol

  5. I have 3 sons - I feel your pain. lol


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