Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Totally Random

Yes it does begin with T but it’s not my planned A – Z Challenge post.  I just felt like doing a totally random post.

However I couldn’t not include something about the A – Z Challenge as it’s taking up a big chunk of my time at present.  I started off at participant no 1152 today I’m at 1071 but there are still just over 1600 people taking part.  Some people even have more than one entry!  I hadn’t been blogging regularly for ages and I was so out of the habit.  Many of the people I used to connect with regularly also seem to have fallen by the wayside.  Even my cousin who got me started on the whole thing originally is not as prolific as she once was.

But I’ve embraced this challenge and so far so good.  I also did as I was told and visited other blogs starting with the people immediately after me on the list but I also started working through the list from the beginning of the list.  I do like the way you can see which blogs you’ve visited so you don’t keep back tracking.  Maybe it would also be good to start at the end of the list and work backwards so I can meet myself somewhere in the middle.

I’ve found several blogs that have kept my interest so I have added them to my feeds or on google+.  Some of my favourites are (I stress SOME – if I listed them all you might just as well go back to the A-Z links list):

Hopefully no one is feeling stalked.

There are obviously a lot of writers on the list (some published others hopeful) but I prefer to visit blogs where I feel I have at least a little in common with the blogger and I’m not someone who thinks they have a book in them somewhere.  I probably do – I just don’t have the ambition or determination to see it through.  I much prefer to engage in a bit of (hopefully) light hearted blogging with like-minded individuals.  (Although some of the people on my favourites list are published writers.  I envy them their staying power.)

One thing I do need to improve is my photo taking.  As in actually taking photos.  The photos I do take often come out okay – I’m not usually a decapitator or any other such nonsense I just don’t take lots of photos.  For example at the weekend my daughter and her partner took hubby and I out for a lovely meal.  It was a tasting menu at a really nice restaurant in Shoreditch.  We had 10 courses 9 of which were delicious and beautifully presented.  (Strangely, for me of the sweet tooth, it was one of the dessert courses that I wasn’t as keen on – which was Passion fruit jelly with lychee tapioca – it was nice but just not my favourite.) It was for my husband’s birthday but I didn’t take any pictures.  My daughter took pictures of the food, most of which were taken before we’d started eating the course so the presentation was evident.  The staff were also very attentive and overall it was a lovely evening.  The restaurant was HKK for anyone who wants to check it out.  I’ve avoided doing so as I don’t want to see how expensive it was!
Now it’s time for sausages.  Again not my S post, that’s already posted, but as in dinner. I thought I’d surprise hubby by having things prepared for when he gets home.  I’m beginning to feel a little guilty that he’s still cooking dinner most nights even though I’m not working at the moment.  Notice I said a “little” guilty. Not a lot, certainly not enough to make me volunteer to take over the cooking.  Well not yet anyway.  Truth be told he wouldn’t want me to do it all the time as my cooking is very boring in comparison to his.  Good tactic that on my part don’t you think?!


  1. I want to know what your planned topic for "T" was?

    Going to check out some of those blogs.

  2. Thank you for including me in your Totally Random lpost.. It is an apt description Of my blog....
    And might I say that, like you, I have visited a great many A-Zers who seem only to be promoting their novels/e-books/ unpublished manuscripts. .. And sci-fi fantasy... Not my cup of tea either. I prefer the have-a-chat blogs.

  3. Thank you for the mention, Wendy.


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