Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A - Z Challenge - F is for Father

My theme for this challenge is family and relations.

Father – “a male parent of a child”

My father was named William John but was always known as Jack.  I’ve no idea why.  There’s lots I don’t know about him but I do know he was born in South Wales in 1917.  He may have had brothers and sisters but I’m not sure.  At a fairly young age his parents separated and his father, my grandfather, took him to Yorkshire.  After that I believe he had very little contact with his original family and his dad remarried and had 3 more children, a half-brother and two half-sisters for my dad.

There wasn’t much in the way of job opportunities at the time so my father ended up going into the coal mines at about 14.  To escape he enlisted for the army as soon as he could so that would have been at 16 in 1933.  And then came World War 2.  My dad saw active service in this and was one of the soldiers evacuated from Dunkirk.  Something he never talked about.  My parents were married during the war, my Dad had a 3 day leave pass for that.  He didn’t leave the army immediately the war ended but he was home by the time my brother was born in 1947.

Being in the army had enabled him to train as a mechanical engineer and he took up work in a nearby chemical manufacturing plant.  He worked there for the rest of his life.

He and my mum were quite strict parents, but they were always fair.  He doted on my mum and although he would go out or a drink occasionally, and worked some weekends, they were very close.  We were never without money but there was never loads of it and Dad always worked hard looking forward to when he could retire. 

Unfortunately that wasn’t to be as he was struck down with cancer aged 64.  He remained at home which was what he wanted and it was a hard time for us all but he bore it with great dignity.  He set a great example to us and one of the things I’ve always tried to emulate is never to sleep on an argument.  He and mum rarely argued but if they did it was always resolved before bedtime and I think this is very good advice.


  1. So lovely to read about your Dad. I have such fond memories of him.

    You know, I can help if you want to find out more.

  2. This is very poignant. After all your father had been through, it seems even more a shame to succumb so young to cancer.


  3. I passed your blog by accident and I found really interesting story. That was a big pleasue to read it.
    All the best for you!

  4. I like the part about resolving arguments before bed. That IS very good advice, indeed.

  5. I agree 100% that arguments need solving asap. I cannot rest until an argument/problem is resolved and in the meantime the the frustrations just build and build. This is something the good Mr T fails to understand and then he wonders wonders why I look like The Incredible Hulk most of time. Gez.


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