Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A - Z Challenge - X is for X Chromosome

My theme for this challenge is family and relations.

X chromosome “that which makes us female”

Well I was really struggling for an X letter word, especially one that fits in with my theme.  Of course I resorted to the dictionary and this seemed appropriate.

I’m definitely female but I’m not a girly girl.  I’m much more likely to be found in casual clothes, usually jeans than smart stuff.  I don’t enjoy shopping for clothes like some people do.  I’m also not very adventurous in my choices.  As for shoes, my days of wearing high heels for any length of time are long gone.  In fact it’s hard to get comfortable shoes at all due to issues with my toe joints.  (I had operations on both my big toe joints as a teenager to correct bunions which meant reshaping the joint.  As I’ve got older they’ve become quite painful on and off especially depending on the shoes I’m wearing.)

One of the best presents my hubby ever gave me was a personal shopper experience.  I needed an outfit to attend my daughter’s graduation but I also needed new clothes as well and the personal shopper was great at getting me to try on things I never would have even looked at let alone try on.  Some I still didn’t like but some things surprised me.  It was a really useful experience.

I’m also not great at looking after myself as in manicures/pedicures facials that sort of thing.  Now that I have more time on my hands maybe I should spend more time on looking after them!  A good start would probably be throwing away my old nail polishes and starting afresh! 

The one concession I do make for myself is getting my hair done regularly.  I went grey quite early and I progressed from having just a few highlights at first, then to a full colour and now I have a full colour with highlights.  I have it done professionally so it’s expensive but it’s my one luxury and I don’t plan on giving it up, job or no job!  There are times when I wish I hadn’t started the whole colouring thing but I know I would look much older in my natural grey colour so I guess in that respect I’m definitely a girly girl with plenty of vanity!


  1. Good post. I wondered what you would do for X.

    I think I am quite girly as I like pretty things and sparkle and pink! I also like quite feminine, floaty clothes although I live mainly in legiings and tops.

    I have found since I stopped working and I am at home such a lot that I don't bother with all the hair, nails make up stuff very often.

    My hair is terrible at the moment and I really must get it sorted. In fact I have been thinking recently that I really should make more of an effort. Maybe I'll get some new nail varnish too.

  2. Haha, I'm the same as you when it comes to clothes, make-up, nail polish, heh. I rarely shop for clothes and I hardly ever get my nails done. If the definition of girly-girl is to be into clothes, makeup and nails, then I'm not one either! :)


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