Thursday, 30 April 2015

A - Z Challenge - Z is for Zenith

My theme for this challenge is family and relations.

Zenith “the culminating point or stage”

Woo Hoo – I made it!

This is the first real blogging challenge I have taken part in and I’m so pleased that I managed to complete it.  When I first saw a link to it from a blogging friend I was like, “I couldn’t do that!”  Partly that was due to the notion that it was aimed at writers and that’s not something I’m currently aspiring to.  But then I did some more checking and realised that all sorts of people join this challenge.  I’d already decided that I wanted to get back into the habit of blogging so I decided I would sign up and see how I got on.

I decided to choose a theme as I thought it might be easier to prepare posts in advance in case life got in the way and I didn’t have a lot of time on any given day.  In the event I didn’t do much advance blogging but preparing the ideas for the letters did help.  Of course there were days when things didn’t quite go to plan but somehow my posts got written and posted.

I’ve tried to visit other blogs but the huge number of participants means I’ve only scratched the surface.  As I’m writing this I note that I’m 1035 on the list (I started at 1252) and I’ve managed to check out the first 255.  I also started working down from my own entry and I’ve found quite a few interesting blogs that I’m currently following and will continue to do so.

One thing I have found myself doing is trying to ensure my writing is grammatically correct and that it flows.  Sometimes I know I can write huge long sentences and it’s not easy to tell what I’m writing about!  My husband’s pedantic trait (especially regarding grammar) is rubbing off on me.

I hope to continue blogging on a regular basis and to find interesting topics.  There are also a few meme type blogs that I might join in with now the pressure of this challenge is over. 
If you’ve been following me, thank you.  It means a lot to know I’m not completely in a void with this.  This may be the zenith of this particular challenge but tomorrow’s a brand new day.  I hope you’ll continue with me on this journey.


  1. You did really well! Hope you'll do it again next year!

    John Holton
    Blogging from A to Z 2015 Cohost
    The Sound of One Hand Typing

  2. Congratulations on completing the challenge! I've enjoyed reading your blog and I will continue to follow you afterward. :)

  3. Congratulations. I am impressed. You did way beter than me. I knew I wouldn't get there.

    I have really enjoyed reading your posts and in fact I am kind of reading them a day late as I read them first thing in the morning while I am having my coffee, before I get up.

    I really hope you stick with it. I used to do some meme ones. Maybe I'll try some or them too......maybe!

  4. Congratulations from me too! To start, I found it every bit as daunting as I had thought but then suddenly the end was in sight.

    Thank you for all your visits.

  5. Well done, Wendy. I think you've done really well especially for someone not into the routine of writing like many 'writers'. I found it a time struggle - but I kind did it for that challenge as I am terribly disorganised and wanted to see if I could discipline myself. Well I did but there were at least half a dozen times I nearly failed!

  6. Congrats on finishing the challenge. I thought I'd check another post of yours since you were so kind to stop by my blog via the "A to Z Road Trip." I encourage to include the link to your blog, but luckily found you because you had commented frequently enough and it took me to your profile.


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