Thursday, 9 April 2015

A - Z Challenge - H is for Husband

My theme for this challenge is family and relations.

Husband  “the man to who a woman is married”

My husband is Nick and we have been married now for nearly 31 years.  I don’t think of us as soulmates as we are different in many ways.  We certainly have different interests.  He likes music.  He likes to listen to it.  He likes to go and watch bands perform and even perform himself if you can call jamming sessions with other local likeminded people in local venues (usually pubs!) performing.

He has a large record collection (yes those old fashioned things the kids wouldn’t know what to do with) and can quote names of band members and other trivia that I just never seem to have had the head for. 

He is more sociable than me although when we first met he was rather shy.  We’d been on 3 “dates” before I was confident that we were actually dating.  The first was a meal out during which it turned out he had a free voucher for the meal so I wasn’t sure if I was there just to make up the number.  The second was to see a film.  The film was the weirdest film ever (Eraserhead by David Lynch) and his best friend tagged along as well.  The third date was better. 

We have different tastes in most things, certainly films and books are good examples.  But we get along.  And we work well as a team.  He’s an accountant but it’s me that balances the household bank accounts.  He likes to do the fun scary stuff with the kids but he’ll consult with me on the big decisions regarding their upbringing.  Of course the kids are grown now but there are still decisions to be made and discussions to be had and we do talk.

He’s more adventurous than me and he has introduced me to a lot of foods that I probably never would have eaten if left to my own devices.  He also likes to cook.  He’s pretty good at shopping too.

Hmm he’s sounding too good to be true.  Of course he has faults just like all of us.  He snores!  Well he did snore, so much that he had his sleep checked out and it was confirmed that he suffers from sleep apnoea.  He now uses a CPAP machine at night and this prevents him from snoring.  It also ensures he doesn’t stop breathing which is what he was doing before.  He’s also quite fussy about some things – they have to be just so, too mild to be classed as OCD but you get the picture???? ;)

He was also late for our wedding, despite living just around the corner from the church, a mere 200 yards away at most.  He’s never been allowed to live that one down. 
But I’m very glad I persevered through those first few questionable dates and became part of his extended family.  I can talk to him about anything and he truly is my best friend.


  1. LOL, he is lucky you saw beyond those first dates! I think I may have been offended by the first one!

    Funny, I don't recall him being late for your wedding. I wonder what his excuse was.

    Not sure I would have been too happy about that either as I hate lateness. One of Simons faults that I have to take a deep breath and overlook. It's a Glenn thing, so I should have known!

    Strange how our minds remember things and forget others. Such as me remembering that Roger worked on the market but not remebering Nick being late for your wedding.

    The one thing we do agree on is, you have a good one and he is worth hanging on to.

  2. Oh, the snoring! My husband used to snore but over the years I felt it lulled me to sleep. :)

  3. You are a brave woman indeed Wendy to write about your husband. I rarely write about the Good Mr T on my blog except in passing - I'm hoping for a corker of a 25 th anniversary present next year. After that I might dish the dirt.

    You given me an idea for "S" though. LOL


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