Monday, 6 April 2015


Well this could almost be my heading for today's A - Z challenge but it's not - that's already done and published see here .

I am really enjoying doing the challenge.  I haven't been regularly blogging for a while but circumstances have given me the opportunity to spend more time on it so I signed up for the challenge.  I was nervous at first that I might not be able to keep up but so far so good.  (I started at 1262 on the list of those taking part and today I'm at 1212 so unfortunately some people have already fallen by the wayside - if you miss five days in a row or don't get started you get removed from the links list.)

I think it's helped that I decided to go with a theme and I planned out my topics in advance.  I can be pretty good at planning when I'm motivated and this challenge has certainly motivated me.  I'm trying to be at least one or two topics ahead of myself so that if I have a stressful or busy day I'm not panicking about posting on time.

It's been interesting visiting new blogs as well.  As I said, I started off at 1262 on the list but there were around 1900 participants at the start.  As advised I try and visit at least 5 blogs a day - starting next on the list but I'm also trying to keep up with some of the hosts and to visit a few more.  Some I realise pretty quickly are not my cup or tea and move on, others get me hooked and this can be quite time consuming.

But it beats watching reruns on the TV or ruminating.  We had a quiet Easter Sunday yesterday.  Just the two of us.  We got up and went to an early Mass then just chilled for the rest of the day.  Today we've been a bit more energetic and have taken some exercise.  But then we undid the good work by stopping off at our local pub to check out the recent renovations.  But that factored into enjoyment so can't complain about that.


  1. 2 blogs in one day, impressive! Glad that you have had a nice Easter. We enjoyed ours too. Spent it with Verity and Jackson as Steve is away. Shooting in the world championships no less!

    So far I have kept up with this challenge too but I don't know how long it will last. I did sign up but can't remember my number so don't know where I would be on the list now.

    Unfortunately, I have only read a few blogs as I simply haven't had the time.

  2. I didn't realize that many had dropped out. I'm one of the minions who report the slacker blogs. It's been kind of cool that the numbers change...I get to meet more bloggers!

  3. This is my first challenge and I was nervous, too. Now I'm having a blast! I just wish I had written my blog posts in advance. My plan for next year.

    You can find me here:


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