Friday, 15 May 2015

Breakfast in bed - time to get over it!

I am going to have to get over the stance I currently have that as hubby is the worker and I am not, he must get up first and have the use of the bathroom.  This usually works well except on days like today where he has decided to make full use of his flexible hours and go in late.  Very late.  To be fair he has just worked 2 very long days getting a report finalised and submitted but he disrupts my efforts at establishing a routine.

The routine usually starts with at least a cup of tea in bed.  Often accompanied by toast and sometimes a cooked breakfast.  A girl gets spoiled. And looks forward to these things.  To get up first would disrupt this.  It might even mean permanent suspension of these services. This is unthinkable. So I remain in bed knowing that he will get up first if I wait long enough but sometimes I know I should just get up and get on with my daily routine.

Hmm this routine thing sounds boring but it's not really.  Yesterday was an example. I was up, dressed and ready for the day at 7.30 am. I needed to be at my son's flat for 8 am to wait for the engineer to come and connect their internet.

When I arrived my son was waiting to go in the shower as the engineer had just called to say he would be arriving "in 5 minutes". (He didn't want to miss the doorbell while in the shower.)  I thought this might have been an unnecessary visit for me as it shouldn't  take very long to connect them as the socket was already in place from the previous tenants and my son could have just waited.  Thoughts of my nice warm bed on what was a chilly miserable morning were still in my head.

Actually it turned out I was wrong.  The wiring to the socket was faulty and had to be redone and this took a while.  The joys of being in a second floor flat.  I was there until after 11 am.  But the return walk did mean I got some exercise fitted into my day.

Wednesday wasn't routine either.  I had to collect the car from the garage after repairs to the exhaust system.  This meant a journey to nearby Walthamstow.  A new journey for me as our previous garage which was in walking distance recently closed.  I don't like doing new public transport journeys when the toilet demon* is stirring.  It becomes stressful which agitates the demon more.  But, as I am determined to overcome the demon I planned and successfully made the journey.  Now done I know the next time will be fine.  

(*Toilet demon - Monster in my head saying  "you'll need the toilet" whenever I'm confronted with a situation where that might be tricky so things like using public transport, sitting in the middle of a theatre row, going for a walk in the forest.  When the demon's really on the loose he can cause full blown panic attacks or total avoidance of situations.)

I'm trying hard not to get overwhelmed by all the things that need doing or that I want to do.  I know I've not progressed very fast but this week I have tidied my bedroom and sorted out all the coats around the place.  Not finished with those yet as some belong to the kids so I will need to consult with them before consigning them to the jumble pile.  Or maybe not.  Possession is 9/10ths of the law is it not?  You move out and leave your coat here, it becomes mine.  To do with as I see fit. Hmmm can't see that going down too well.

I've also managed to nearly get to the bottom of the ironing pile.  A few more shirts and I'm done.  But then there is the washing and the cycle starts again.  Time to stop.  I'm waffling.  When did I manage to find time to work?

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  1. I know what you mean. Before I retired I made lists of things to do because I wasn't sure what to do with my time.


    Now I just need to find more time.


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