Friday, 8 May 2015

Post Election News

I'm tired.
Keeping up with how the election was going is tiring.  Heaven knows how the candidates and all those working around this major event cope.  Hopefully my daughter is now catching up on some sleep after working on her local count.

I didn't stay up awake all night but my bedroom TV did!  Hubby was away last night so I didn't expect to sleep well, I never do when he's away, especially since all the kids have left home.  I didn't go to sleep until really late and I did wake a couple of times and was able to review how things were going.

I'd like to think I'm still dreaming but unfortunately not.  Despite what the opinion polls were telling us the conservatives look to have managed to secure a majority to continue governing on their own.  (It's not totally decided yet but that's the prediction - as I'm writing they need 6 more seats with 15 still to declare.  For anyone who's not familiar with our system there are 650 MPs who sit in parliament so a party needs 326 for a majority.)

There have been major shifts in some areas, notably Scotland.  The LibDems who were the minority party of the former coalition have done very badly.  Labour just did not do well and several senior MPs have lost their seats.  My own constituency remained Labour as expected.  (If that had changed I really would have thought I'd woken up in an alternative world!)

Many people will be considering their futures this morning - welcome to my world.



  1. Love the cartoon. Elections seem to be surprising of late. In my son's province of Alberta the New Democrats won after the Conservatives had been in power for over 40 years! The times they are a-changing!

    1. This was certainly a surprise but it did match the exit polls that were done.

  2. Wendy, whatever, I hope they don't privatize your NHS. Healthcare here is a nightmare, even with our new plan called "Obamacare". Many of my UK Facebook friends are on pensions and are being hit hard by austerity. And, of course, the Scots wanted independence last year. Good luck to us both.

  3. Well it was a bit of a shock wasn't it? I feel the Lib Dems have been hard done by even though they u-turned on student loans. Have you heard about Sandi Torsviq setting up a Women's Equality party? I am watching with interest.


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