Thursday, 7 May 2015

Election Day 7/5/15

Today is Election Day here in the UK.

I am not an expert on politics but I have been to cast my vote as I agree that you can't complain about the system if you're not part of it.  My daughter is much more involved, she is currently working at a polling station and then going on to count votes. My hubby exercised the right to a postal vote as he's away in Lincoln for work today.  

I just had to get myself up and out to our local polling station. Fortunately I was expecting a shopping delivery early today so I needed to be up and dressed for that. I managed to cast my vote despite not realising until I checked my voting card that they'd moved the polling station!  Still within walking distance, the local church hall as opposed to the local junior school.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of the election but I suspect it will take longer than usual as no main party seems to have a chance of an overall win.  This is not what we're used to.  For so long it has been a two party race (between conservative  and labour) but during the last parliament we did have a coalition between the conservatives and lib-Dems. A coalition looks the most likely outcome this time but as to which parties can work together we will just have to wait and see.

My own MP is actually someone who was at the same secondary school as me at the same time. Hers is a fairly safe seat so I expect her to be re-elected although it will be interesting to see if her majority is affected by the rise in the UKIP party.  Hopefully not.

I went out to lunch at a friend's house, walking there and back so I've clocked up a over a couple of miles today.  Not yet doing 10000 steps a day but doing lots more that a few weeks back.

My gardener came today and she offered to assemble our new lawnmower and put it to good use.  Downside of that is that she didn't get as much weeding done today so that's my homework before her next visit.

Now I'm planning to relax.  It's been a good day.

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  1. waiting to hear the results from across the oceans...


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