Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thursday talking 21/5/15

Well it's Thursday so nearly the weekend and we have a long weekend to look forward to as Monday is a bank holiday.

The weather today has been lovely. I hope it continues.  I've spent most of the day in the garden and I even put some sunscreen on!  The gardener was here in the afternoon so she was directing my efforts.  The garden is looking so much better.  Unfortunately hubby is no gardener and I've had spells over the last couple of years where I've had a frozen shoulder, then a trapped nerve and generally not been able to do much in the garden.  It fell into neglect and was quite overgrown.

Then we heard of Lisa.  She has made such a difference but now that I'm here she's also getting me more involved with it.  So today I have weeded, planted and mowed the lawn.  Well the grass, I wouldn't call it a lawn, it's not very level and has lots of weeds plus a few bare patches.  Although I did put some seed on the bare patches.  Hopefully they will grow before the birds pinch it all.  

I don't encourage the birds into the garden.  There are a lot of cats around including one of our own so I don't think it would be fair to encourage them in to get attacked.  Although our cat wouldn't move fast enough to catch anything.

I'm actually typing this on the patio.  It's getting a bit chilly but the sun is still out so I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.  Might have to get a jumper soon though.  And, despite all the comments on the Hodgepodge yesterday, I'm wearing leggings.  But I do have a long top over them that covers my rear end!

I think I will need a soak in the bath later to ease the muscles that are protesting a bit at this unexpected exercise.  And my hands and nails definitely need some attention, despite wearing gloves.

I didn't work non-stop.  In fact we didn't have an early start today.  Embarrassingly I wasn't dressed when the Tesco shopping arrived.  I'd planned it early so that I would be up and dressed and have lots of the day ahead of me.  Then I forgot it was coming!  Hopefully I'll remember to collect my mother-in-law tomorrow!

Some of you asked about the jumble trail I mentioned on the Hodgepodge.  I think jumble trails are a fairly new thing here.  There is a website set up to co-ordinate them.  Basically you have an organiser who selects an area and a day for it to take place.  People can then sign up for a small fee to be included on a map which is on the website.  Sellers set themselves up at home to sell so a bit like a yard sale and buyers can trail around the various stalls.

I'm looking forward to it.  Just have to get all my clutter organised.  I have made inroads on that but it's hard.  The other day I had to sort through a crate of paperwork of my Mum's, most of which just needed to be shredded and disposed of.  But of course it brought back memories.

Then I decided to tackle a damp patch in one of our spare rooms.  There had been a leak from the roof which is now fixed but the wallpaper and ceiling in the room had been affected.  I decided to start stripping back the wallpaper but it started to cause quite a bit of dust.  So before I continue I need to move the mattress off the bed so it doesn't get messed up.  It needs to move into the other spare room - except that is full of stuff.   So I have to clear the stuff before I can move the mattress before I can.......getting the picture?  The stuff of course will be what we try and sell on the jumble trail so for now it has to stay put.  Except I need to move it. 

Ever feel like you're going round in circles or is it just me?!

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  1. Have a great long weekend. Ours was last weekend and it was glorious.

    I don't think you are going around in circles, by the content of your post your are getting a lot done.


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