Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I've been busy - doing nothing 26/5/15

I haven't been quite this bad but not far off! The long weekend was far from productive.  I've also been hopelessly out of routine as we have my mother-in-law with us until tomorrow.

She really is no bother to have but I just don't get into my routine the same way.  I went to pick her up on Friday so that took a chunk of the afternoon.  On Saturday I had a hospital appointment first thing and then hubby went home to keep his Mum company and I trekked over to my daughter's flat to feed her cat.

In the afternoon I met up with some friends I used to work with so that was ok.  We had a nice long catch up in the local Wetherspoon.  Hubby took his Mum to the beer festival at our local social club.

On Sunday we got up for Mass.  After that we had our youngest son and his wife here for dinner and then I made another trip to feed the cat.  (Yes the poor cat could probably have survived on the food available until yesterday when my daughter got home but the cat can be a bit unpredicatable i.e. not using the litter tray, if she's left for too long at a time.)  It's actually quite nice sometimes to go, because I usually spend an hour or so there with a cup of tea and either catch up on something on the TV or read a book without feeling the least bit guilty about doing nothing.  You just have to check the trains are running ok and if Arsenal are playing a home avoid the crowds when the game is over.

Yesterday was another lazy day and today wasn't much better but we did have a visit from one of hubby's sisters.  That was good for me as she is undergoing a course on massage so I was able to get a free massage as she needs to practise!

Tomorrow I will take my mother-in-law to one of the other sisters in Brentwood and then I will have to try and catch up on some things! Although I already have a lunch invitation for Thursday and we're away at the weekend.

This doing nothing keeps you busy!

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  1. Doing nothing can also be tiring! It's been the opposite for me. Been busy with lots of yard work, though can't bring myself to do any today, there's still plenty out there to do. Mowed yesterday, my knee is a bit swollen today. Old age.......dang, when is it going to become the "golden years"?


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