Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tuesday toddle 19/5/15

Well we had a Monday meander so now it's a Tuesday toddle.  I'm still not up to more than walking (although I did do an interval walking session yesterday) but I have been increasing my daily steps.  I'm not counting them accurately as I'm only using the basic app on my i-phone and I don't always have it to hand.  It tells me I'm not yet up to 10000 a day but I'm doing much better than when I started taking notice!

I've managed to get up earlier both days so far this week so now having done all the morning chores it's time for a tea break and a blog.  It was a horrible wet day yesterday and although the sun keeps coming out at the moment more rain is forecast.  It's doing the garden good but the grass is doing too well.  Hmm sounds like there's no pleasing me.  Actually I'm very easy to please.  I'd just like the grass to stay dry long enough to get cut.

I actually finished a knitting project yesterday.

My son and his partner brought some magazines for me when I was first home from work and one was a knitting magazine which had free wool with it.  There were also instructions for a variety of things you could make with the wool, many of which were Easter themes (it was that time of year) but I thought the tea cosy looked quite sweet and at least it will get used.

I'm quite bad at starting things and not finishing them so I was determined this week to get it done.  (I'd done the main knitting part but just needed to put it together, stitch in all the ends and do the flowers.)  I'm trying to get back into knitting when I'm watching TV.  It doesn't feel quite like I'm just wasting time then.  Of course relaxing and watching TV is not a waste of time but I prefer to be a bit more productive.

Someone asked me about using a tea cosy.  Although we use tea bags a lot, especially if it's just for me or we're in a hurry, we do really like to have a proper pot of tea.  My husband is very exact about how tea should be made.  The pot has to be warmed, the water must be boiling and the tea must be stirred and then allowed to stand for a certain amount of time.  (4-5 minutes)  It sounds like hard work but he does make the best cup of tea!  (As long as he doesn't put too much milk in - he can be a bit heavy handed with the milk sometimes.)  We like PG tips best.  We're not fans of flavoured teas.

Well my tea (and the biscuits I found that I'd forgotten I had) is finished so I need to press on.  Literally - I have some ironing that needs to be done.  I'll be back later to work on the Wednesday Hodgepodge - some tricky questions in there this week.  That will keep the grey matter working!


  1. cute cozy. My Dad was a stickler for how to make tea too. If you didn't warm the pot - he always knew.

  2. Oh! today I can post a comment! Did you change your settings again? Amazing how a small thing like posting a comment has me so excited!

    I LOVE the tea cosy. Very pretty. We never make tea in a pot, haven't for years. It is only Simon who drinks it so it's tea bags all the way here. He says I am heavy handed with the milk too.

    Horrid weather here again today. Makes me miserable. I so need some hot weather. Not stoping me walking though. I always get my 10,000 now. Have done for about the last 6 weeks. I got 20,000 on Monday. I was knackered!

    Might see if I have time to do the Wednesday thing. I have really enjoyed yours.

  3. Awww just have to say your knitted teapot cozy is lovely, not many people actually use a teapot any more, people make tea in mugs with tea bags so its nice to see a lovely, hand knitted, old fashioned tea pot cozy :-0

  4. The tea cozy is adorable. One of these days I must make myself one. I love a good cupa of tea. I often make a pot, even if I'm using tea bags vs bulk, it truly does taste better than making 1 cup. Though I also have a Teva one cup thingy I like alot that using loose tea leaves.

    Trying to keep the momentum of a-z going and somehow missed your comment or would have been here sooner. Always nice to meet a fellow knitter.


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