Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Birthdays & Memories

Having completed the A- Z challenge I have to keep my momentum going and continue with my blogging.  That was a bit difficult this weekend as it was all a bit hectic.

We celebrated my husband’s 60th birthday.  His actual birthday was a couple of weeks ago but for various reasons we delayed our main celebration until Sunday.  One advantage was that it was a bank holiday here on Monday so no work for most people.

Originally he didn’t want to have a party, shying away from too much fuss.  Not wanting to admit he’s old enough to retire probably although he’s planning on working for a couple more years at least.  Then he decided it would be nice to mark the occasion with a small party.

Our family doesn’t do small.  We’re around 40 in number before you even add in friends.  It still seemed manageable.  I stupidly planned to organise the food myself (not as stupid as it sounds as I have catered for large numbers before and I have got plenty of time on my hands at the moment) but during last week the numbers seemed to keep growing.  I’d gone from 60 to nearer 80 people in the space of a few days and was trying not to panic. 

As it turned out I think we had about 70 guests on the day and Marks and Spencer and I make a good team.  (Just debated that one with hubby – M & S and I or M & S and me.  Of course it should be M & S and I although as I pointed out to him there is no I in team!)

The team was pretty much me leading up to the day but I did have help particularly once we got to the venue with setting everything out.  Note to self:  Ask for help next time.  (Next time???)  His musician friends provided free entertainment which everyone seemed to enjoy and a good time was had by all.  The food went down well too.  Quantities for the savouries seemed to be just about right and we had more than enough dessert and birthday cake.  Someone suggested that I might like to think about catering as a new career but I made enough sandwiches at the weekend to put me off that idea straightaway! 

The kids did a nice speech between them and my daughter had organised a collection of 60 memories for my hubby – they had come from members of the family as well as friends and she’d placed each one in an envelope, some with appropriate (or inappropriate!) photos.  We had a good time looking through them on Monday and I’ll set them out in a scrapbook at some point.

I think when my turn comes I’ll be heading for the hills.

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  1. His birthday was a few weeks ago????? Well I have got myself in a right pickle as I only just sent his card yesterday! Better late than never!!

    I knew the celebration wasn't on the actual day but somehow I have translated that as this coming Friday??? So sorry. I even remember you telling me about the oyster card but don't recall you mentioning the actual day. Maybe my memory is going although that can't be as we know I am only 46!

    That is a fabilous photo and we are so sorry we weren't there. Lovely idea of Rebecca's to do 60 memories. Wish I had time to do that for Simon.


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