Thursday, 6 August 2015

50 Shades of Me 5/8/15

Well there is no Hodgepodge today as Joyce is busy with her move.  I hope all is going well for her.
I wanted to post something and came across this on Mary Anne's page  so I've borrowed it.
  1. I am the wrong side of 50.
  2. I have never read any of the 50 Shades series.
  3. I love reading.
  4. I have lived in London for 99% of my life.
  5. I have been married for 31 years.
  6. I have two brothers.
  7. I wish I had a sister but thanks to my hubby and brothers I have 8 sister-in-laws.
  8. I love tea but don’t drink coffee.
  9. I’m allergic to penicillin and erythromycin, the usual alternative.
  10. I have a cat.
  11. I liked playing hockey at school, until I got too close to someone else’s stick and ended up with a black eye.
  12. I had an operation on both feet when I was 14, to correct bunions.
  13. My favourite subject at school was Maths.
  14. I hate snakes.
  15. I love chocolate.
  16. I have 3 children.
  17. I’m qualified to teach Tap Dancing.
  18. I had a crush on Donny Osmond.
  19. I can knit and crochet.
  20. I’ve been to USA
  21. I like walking on my own.
  22. I don’t like hot spicy food.
  23. My favourite takeaway is Chinese.
  24. My favourite Chinese dish is Peking Duck.
  25. In my first job I used to go debt collecting.
  26. My favourite colour is blue.
  27. I like doing jigsaw puzzles.
  28. I like doing most sorts of puzzles!
  29. I’m quite logical.
  30. I’m not artistic.
  31. I have an ongoing battle with the toilet demon and depression.
  32. I’m a Mother-in-Law.
  33. I worry about getting dementia.
  34. I like driving but don’t have a SAT NAV
  35. I’ve walked a half-marathon.
  36. I’ve run in a 25 leg relay race in Holland.
  37. I’m Catholic.
  38. I’m currently reading “Catch 22” but struggling with it.
  39. I enjoy going to the theatre.
  40. I watch too much TV.
  41. My favourite alcoholic drink is red wine.
  42. My favourite course at a meal is dessert.
  43. I like having fresh flowers in the house.
  44. I hate rudeness.
  45. My first pet was a dog called Sandy.  (Well it was the family pet.)
  46. I prefer to be too cold rather than too hot.
  47. I hate being the centre of attention.
  48. I’m right handed.
  49. My main act of vanity is colouring my hair.
  50. I’m happy being me.
Whew that took some thinking about!


  1. we do seem to have many things in common. It was great to read your 50.
    And, imho, you and I are on the right side of 50!

  2. Tap dancing, eh!?... well I bet there's a few stories there...


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