Sunday, 2 August 2015

Weekend roundup of the week! 2/8/15

Well we've started a new month and I failed miserably with the goals I set myself for July.  However, in my defence, taking care of my sister-in-law and falling flat on my face did rather disrupt my routines.

This week I have managed to walk most days.  I spent a day with my sister-in-law on Monday.  On Tuesday I had lunch with my "Ladies" and on Thursday I managed to do a bit of gardening.  Friday I did some errands plus some shopping and spent the evening catching up with my eldest son who was here for the weekend.  

Yesterday we went to look at 3 properties for my daughter as she and her partner are away at a wedding.  They had stopped looking for a new place while they were getting the wedding organised but now they seem to be house hunting again.  The trouble is sellers often arrange open days for viewings rather than letting prospective buyers make an appointment.  Property is changing hands very quickly still in London so when a house comes on the market you have to get in quickly.

The first two we looked at were not suitable.  One was billed as a two bedroom flat but the second bedroom didn't even have enough room for a double bed.  The other one was a first floor flat with a shared garden but access to the garden was via the front door and then around the side of the house.  No direct access once inside the flat.  It was also quite small.

The third property was definitely the best of the three but this was on a sealed bid sale with offers due in by tomorrow.  Without having seen it themselves it would be silly making an offer and I didn't think it was worth rushing into.  So the search goes on.

Today I've been to Mass and then cooked dinner for my son and me.  Hubby went to work so that he's not under so much pressure tomorrow for a deadline he has to meet on Tuesday,  He didn't work very late though and we've just got back from a walk on the common.  We were going to stop off at one of our local pubs on the way back.  It's a nice pub in a really lovely location, overlooking the common but the management is useless.  There never seem to be enough staff on duty.  Tonight their coffee machine was broken and it was karaoke night.  With only instant coffee available via a kettle we decided to carry on for home and put our own kettle on!

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