Saturday, 29 August 2015

Friday Five News 28/8/15

Well it's Friday again so here we go with another round up of news items that have caught my eye this week:

INTERNATIONAL:  This is the sad story of over 70 migrants being found dead in an abandoned lorry in Austria.  The plight of migrants and the lengths they will go to trying to escape from war torn countries is very prominent in the UK news at the moment as the problems with security at Calais continue and migrants persist, understandably, to escape from some of the awful situations they are in.  It’s easy to say the problems in their home countries need to be tackled to reduce the exodus of citizens but much harder to do.  In the meantime desperate people continue to take desperate measures and traffickers take advantage of this.  And people continue to die.  This latest tragedy is particularly awful and we can only hope that having made arrests, the Austrian government will be able to make some progress in reducing the trafficking taking place.

Moving on to SPORTS:  This is the clip of the cameraman on a Segway knocking Usain Bolt of his feet just after winning the 200 m race in the World Athletics Championships taking place in Beijing.  It made me laugh but I’m sure the camera man must have been so relieved that he didn’t actually injure Bolt.

In LOCAL news, when I switched my PC on today when we got home I noticed this story about HSBC payments to customers failing.  Our own bank is part of HSBC and my husband’s salary payment was due today.  As you can imagine I was checking my balance pretty quickly but we weren’t affected.

The ENTERTAINMENT item I picked out was the announcement of the final contestant in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.  I haven’t been following the announcements so I made a point of checking out the the article to see who will be taking part.  I will be glued to the TV on Saturday evenings once it starts or making sure it’s set to record! 

And finally MISCELLANEOUS: This is the story of prospective Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn being reported as supporting the possibility of having Women Only carriages on trains to try and cut down on sexual offences.  This could lead to major differences of opinion in my house as hubby quite likes the sound of Jeremy Corbyn but I don’t think I can support someone who would back such a backward step.  Moving women to their own carriage won’t get rid of the issue and sends the wrong message to perpetrators.

All links are courtesy of the BBC website. Opinions are my own.

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  1. Yay for Strictly! I can't wait. It is my count down to Christmas too. Once Strictly begins it's all downhill!


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