Monday, 31 August 2015

Weekend Round up 31/8/15

August?  It felt more like November today.  Wet and chilly.  Typical bank holiday weather really.  But the whole weekend has been pretty damp and dismal.

After a restful week away the weekend has been busier.  On Saturday I went shopping with my daughter in central London.  Not my idea of fun but she needed to get her shoes and underwear for the wedding.  Her dress has arrived so she needs to arrange her first fitting.  Hence the need for shoes and underwear.  She managed to get both sorted.  And we managed to fit in lunch so it was nice to have 1:1 time with her.  Once done I carried on looking around for a wedding outfit.  I saw a few things but nothing that leapt out at me so the search continues.

Yesterday I spent much of the day working in the front garden getting it weed free before next week's jumble trail.  We also checked out what we have in the loft and started sorting out books and other stuff we can put out for sale.

Today we met some friends for brunch and then continued sorting stuff.  We have So Much Stuff!  Hopefully some of it will get sold and what doesn't will need to be disposed of one way or another.  I'm determined that whatever is left does not get put back into the house.  My lounge might look a bit messy for a while!

I am getting much better at not hanging on to things though and it's obviously rubbing off on hubby - he's not only sorted out some CDs to go but also some records!  I never thought that would happen.

I don't think my house will ever look minimalist but hopefully we will be able to see the walls from the clutter.


  1. Please send us Californians some of your damp and dismal weather, and we will send you some dry heat (minus the fires). What fun to be wedding shopping with your daughter. Two of my good friends have daughters getting married within the next two weeks. Possibly at least one of them is not having that much fun right now as her to-do list grows!

    Lorrie at

  2. Sounds like you have been busy! A minimalist house is not a home in my view.

  3. Oh, the saga of Stuff. We've been missing your damp weather in Texas, too.

    Repaying your A-Z Roadtrip visit with one of my own. Thanks for visiting me at Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer. Congratulations to your daughter for her upcoming nuptials.


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