Sunday, 9 August 2015

WIPs 9/8/15

Two works in progress here.  The first one is the start of a scrap book project.  The envelopes all contain a memory that were done for my husband's 60th birthday last April.  Friends and family were asked to provide memories of Nick.  My daughter then collated them into 60 envelopes that were presented to Nick at his party.

I've decided to put them all into a scrap book so that it's easier to see them and a nice memento to keep.  I want to have it finished by the end of next week so that I can take it to our family gathering.

Many of them were handwritten so I just need to display them but some were on two sides so I've had to scan them to be able to display the whole thing on one side.  Many were sent by e-mail so I need to re-format them and make them look pretty.

My daughter also married up photos with some of them and I might try and find more photos where appropriate.

I've done the scanning.  Now I need to reformat the typed text before starting on putting the scrapbook together.  I have already got the book and photo corners but will need some glue and I've also decided to get a paper cutter so guess who's going shopping tomorrow?


This is my other work in progress.  Yesterday I managed to visit some blogs on the A-Z Road Trip and one person that I visited commented back saying she would like to see the blanket I'm trying to make.

I thought it would be good to photograph it and it has actually done me a big favour as now I've worked out how many squares I still need to make and in which colours etc. So a big thank you to Cait at Click's Clan for pushing me to do this.  It's going to take a serious amount of blocking to get the squares matching up but one day it will be finished.  I have a lot of other things I'd like to be making and I'd also like to be doing some crochet but I'm terrible at starting things and not finishing them so I've set myself the target of finishing this before I start on something new.  I don't mind if I have say a knit, a crochet and maybe even a cross stitch on the go but I have in the past had more than one of each started and then they never get finished.

This is only going to get one more row which would be five squares but because of the colour distribution and patterns needed I worked out I need 7 squares plus the one in progress finished.

Watch this space for updates!


  1. Thanks for posting a picture of your blanket. I love snooping on other people's knitting projects. I love your combination of colours. It'll be time consuming finishing it, but it'll definitely be worth it all in the end.

    And the scrapbook idea sounds lovely. :-)

  2. Two great projects. I really like scrap booking. I need to do one of Dads life as I did one for mum. I have super duper new cutting machine too which I am eager to try out. It's a Cricut Explore Air and will cut all kinds of materials.

    I love the colours in your blanket and I see you have pretty designs too. Wish I could do that. I can't for the life of me see why you need 7 squares though?


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