Friday 28 August 2015

I'm Back!

We're back from our week away with family which was great despite the picture above.  There have been several comments on this one including "We've had enough of being here" to "it must be bad if everyone is praying".

Actually it was taken during a game of Werewolf which proved a great hit with most people.  We played a lot of games during the week as the weather wasn't great.  Card games, board games, table tennis, poker and of course beer drinking games and karaoke.  Although we are a large number, 1 mother, 8 siblings + 6 partners,  19 grandchildren + 10 partners + 5 great grandchildren + 4 visitors coming and going over the week, the house we stayed in is large enough for people to be able to break into smaller groups, or go and find a quiet corner somewhere so that we don't end up wanting to kill each other.

Everyone mucks in - we cook all our meals so there's always washing up to be done not to mention pototoes to be peeled, onions to be sliced and so on.  Then there were papers to be read, crosswords to be done communally, knitting to be done and thankfully the house had wifi for the young and old that couldn't be separated from their phones/tablets/pcs!

All in all we had a great week although I need to catch up on some sleep.


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