Saturday, 8 August 2015

Saturday Summary

Well I decided to do a round up of the week and initially I was feeling quite down about it as another week has passed and not much has been achieved in the house.  But then I stopped myself and remembered that I'm supposed to be positive and focus on what I have done.

Firstly this is my third blog this week which is an achievement in itself based on recent weeks, especially as there was no Hodgepodge this week to keep me motivated.  I even managed to think of a topic on Friday that I may try and make a habit of.  (Friday Five News Stories.)  This gave me something different to think about rather than my routine logs of my days.

My days were fairly routine this week but that enabled me to keep on top of chores.  I did meet up with some old work colleagues on Tuesday evening.  Two of them are a married couple who are currently teaching out in Zambia but were home to visit family and friends.  It was good to be able to catch up with them.

I visited my sister-in-law on Wednesday and did some ironing for her.  This is something she'll struggle with for a while but she is doing so much better than she was.  I've also managed to do a few walks and today I've spent time with hubby.

I even picked up my knitting this week.  I'm just knitting squares for a blanket at the moment but every square helps!  I've joined an online reading group and I've read this month's book.  (The Other Child by Lucy Atkins.  Can't review yet as we're supposed to wait until the 18th to give everyone a chance to finish it.)

The main achievement though has to be sticking fairly well to phase one of the South Beach diet.  Phase one is quite hard as you're not supposed to have any fruit, no carbs, no alcohol and caffeine free drinks.  On the first day I did have decaffeinated tea all day but I had a terrible headache by the end of it.  I don't know if there was a link there but I switched back to ordinary tea after that and I've been fine.  I've also had some strawberries because we already had them and I couldn't bear to see them waste.  I've also had two small glasses of wine.  Other than that I've been fairly good, even passing up our regular Friday evening take away.

This phase is supposed to be done for two weeks so only 8 days to go.  I wanted to try and shift some weight before our holiday with our extended family as that's bound to involve lots of nice food and not much exercise.  Although I think I will just have to try and motivate myself to get out and walk more this year and not over indulge on the cakes etc. 

For any of you out there who struggle with keeping your weight down you could be forgiven for looking at pics of me and thinking why all the fuss?  I'm not exactly fat but the weight has been creeping on gradually for a while now and I decided it was time it had to stop. There's also the minor incentive of having to find a wedding outfit to fit.

Hmm actually, reading back over this it wasn't such a bad week after all!


  1. A good week idea - that goodness hodgepodge is back next week, right? I like your idea of the friday five.

  2. sounds like an ok week to me. glad to hear that your SIL is doing a bit better. I managed to lose 1lb while we were away which is brilliant as I thought I could have put on a couple. Much wine was drunk and lots of good food. back to the walking now we are home. Talk soon.

  3. Returning your visit to my blog. :-)

    Sounds like over all your week hasn't been too bad. I'm also on a weightloss kick at the moment. Just wanting to get into a slightly better shape and lose some of the unnecessary weight I'm carrying around. So far I seem to have a good week (where I lose) followed by a bad week (where I put some of it back on), there is a downward trend so hopefully I'll get there eventually.

    I'd love to see pictures of the blanket you're working on. :-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan


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