Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A busy few days....

It’s been a busy few days since I last blogged.  

On Saturday I got up early to get my hair done.  Just as well I did as I’d planned to get the train there and when I went online to check the train times I discovered I would have to go by bus as the trains weren’t stopping at my local station due to engineering works!  That meant a quick hike down to the bus stop to avoid being late.

Having been restored to my unnatural colour I headed off to my daughter’s to feed her cat.  I can’t have cuddle time with her cat as she’s not that friendly but she will sit next to me on the sofa and let me fuss her so I made do with that while I had my lunch there.  I miss my cat around the house.  Once home it was a quick meal and change before heading out to our local social club for a friend’s 60th birthday.  It was a lively evening.  Hubby played guitar with a few others and then there was a DJ session which involved some dancing and we finally left to walk home at about 1 am.

It would have been nice to have just relaxed on Sunday but my youngest son had invited himself and his wife for Sunday lunch, which was fine as we hadn’t seen them since they’d both got back from the US (visiting her family) but we also offered to have Nick’s Mum for lunch as his sister had been invited out for the day so that meant a trip to Brentwood to get her and then a trip to take her back again.  At least our diesel fuelled car is getting a few longs runs lately.

On Monday my daughter wanted to go shopping for wedding shoes but she also wanted to visit her aunt and grandma so that ended up taking up most of my day and she didn’t get any shoes!

Yesterday I met my “lunch ladies” plus a former work colleague who now works in New York but who’s over here visiting family members.  That was really nice.  Lots to catch up on over a nice lunch at a Greek restaurant.

Today I had a former work colleague here for breakfast, which ended up being more like brunch as she was running late.

Tomorrow I’m off to my sister-on-law’s to help her pack for our family holiday and then hopefully I’ll be home in time to get my own packing done.

In between all this I have been working on my scrapbook WIP.   Which I’m pleased to say is almost finished!  It took a lot longer than I anticipated but I am pleased with it.  I’ve stuck in all the 60 memories that were collected and there’s still some space for photos that were taken on the day.  I need to get them printed but I wanted to have the book ready for our family gathering as so many people have said they want to read the memories.  Some are quite funny and some are just such accurate observations of hubby’s habits and mannerisms.  The picture above shows the WIP.  Note the cup of tea but also the empty wine glass!  I'll try and get some photos of the finished project later.

Now I’m catching up on blogs and off to look at the Hodgepodge.

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  1. Goodness me, you have had a busy few days. Mine have been busy too but with family. We had Jackson for 3 days while Verity and Steve went away and then a family picnic and now we have Saskia and Morra here all week. My house looks like a bomb hit!

    Hope you have a really lovely holiday with all the family.


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