Monday, 4 January 2016

Back to normality 4/1/16

Oh it feels strange writing 2016.  It always takes me a while to get used to writing a new year.

Today things have returned to normal - no visitors in the house and hubby back at work.  My decorations are still up - I will take them down on Wednesday - Epiphany.

It hasn't been the best of starts to the year though.  My mother-in-law stayed with us Saturday night as we had planned a family meal yesterday with our son and his wife now that they are back from the states.  Unfortunately yesterday morning my MIL fell in the bedroom and fractured her hip.  She had been sitting on the end of the bed, stood up and either just lost her balance or maybe the hip just went but she toppled over onto her side and the damage was done.

Fortunately I can report that she has had surgery today to repair it and has come through the operation.  At 87 years old surgery is not to be entertained lightly but she's one tough lady.  Hopefully she will soon be up and about and I hope it won't have dented her confidence too much.  She fell down the stairs a few weeks back and has been very nervous tackling stairs since.  This new complication may make her wary of visiting anyone, like us, where coping with stairs is a necessity.  It's a good thing that she lives in a bungalow with her eldest daughter and son-in-law living in.

As for progress on New Year resolutions I am now the proud owner of a Fitbit tracker so I will be trying to increase my step count to improve my fitness etc.  I'm also trying to implement ways of improving my habits.

One of the things recommended in the book I read about this recently was pairing habits.  I have to take medication each day and I usually take it with my breakfast so the medication was down in the kitchen.  Except of course some days my hubby brings me breakfast in bed.  This means remembering to take the tablets when I go down.  But the change in routine meant that sometimes I didn't end up taking the tablets until later in the day or not at all!

I now have the tablets by my bed as I always have water up there and I have a reminder set on my phone so that I can take them first thing in the mornings.  So far that is working well.

Another thing I used to do was sit in the bathroom and waste away time either looking at stuff like Facebook on my phone, or doing crosswords or just generally taking more time that I need.  I hope I'm painting the picture for you here because I'm not going into any more detail!

Of course I could apply the Just Do It mantra here and move out of the bathroom but it was always a haven when the kids were younger.  You could lock yourself in and get a few minutes of peace.  Still works for me especially as I'm sitting right next to a radiator so it's quite cosy.

Anyway I decided that it's ok to loiter in the loo but it must be productive so I have moved my copy of Catch 22 to the bathroom.  We have other books in the bathroom but I am trying hard to finish Catch 22 (well I'm trying and it's hard!) so I've resolved to only allow myself to read Catch 22 when I'm loitering.  I managed a chapter today so I have now read 23 out of 42 chapters.  Hopefully this pairing will produce results.  No pun intended!


  1. Your post made me chuckle, but your logic is quite brilliant!! Please do keep us posted about how it is working for you!

  2. Well you made me laugh. Personally, I don't loiter in the loo but each to their own! Hope you get throuh Catch 22. I have never read it and I won't be now after your struggles. I am afraid that I do not persevere with books that I find hard. If they don't have me hooked within the first few chapters I can't be bothered.


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