Monday, 18 January 2016

Up and down Monday 18/1/16

Ups and downs today:

Up at a reasonable time so that was good.

Step count up.  Another plus.  This is my third week of using my Fitbit.  The first two weeks I averaged about 6000 steps per day so my plan is to push the goal up each week until I'm doing the magic 10,000 steps a day.  So this week I've upped it to 6500 and the plan is to increase by 500 per week.  It's quite hard when it's so cold to get out and walk but I do resort to doing laps of my kitchen/diner or an exercise video to get the count up.  Good job I don't have carpet in the kitchen  as I would be wearing it out!  I'm also gradually upping the amount of water I drink each day.  (And trying not to think of the downside of that i.e. more visits to the loo!)

Work rate up - I started stripping another bedroom today.  I need to get it stripped so that I can then get both top bedroom ceilings plastered.  I didn't get much done but just having made a start made me feel better.

I did get out to the shops so some exercise and fresh air gained.  The washing got done and dinner was cooked.  (Well that was a bit of a cheat as it came out of the freezer and just had to be reheated but at least I remembered to get it out in time.)

As for the downs?  Well my weight was up 1lb on last week so that was a down.  I can't think why that could happen when I'm doing all these steps and so on.  Oh yes.  The empty biscuit tin and the desserts that we had with dinner yesterday might have something to do with that.  I definitely need to up my willpower!

The other down is that my Mother-in-law is not making much progress.  If anything she seemed worse at the weekend.  Very drowsy and very confused and quite distressed by it all.  However they have now confirmed that her wound is infected so they have started to treat that with anti-biotics.  It also seems that giving her oxygen causes more problems rather than being helpful so they have stopped doing that.  I just hope we see some improvement soon.  It's horrible seeing her like this.

But blogging gives me another Up so I think I'm in credit overall today.  Although checking out some of the SoCS posts from the weekend could leave me feeling a tad inadequate.  But I'm not going down that road.  How do people cope with 2, 3 or even more blogs?  Do they ever have time to check out the people visiting their blogs.  I try and return the favour when people visit me and if I've missed anyone out apologies for the omission.  But time is limited.  Or perhaps for them it's not.  

Although according to my Fitbit I only slept for just under 4 hours last night.  Apparently I didn't get to sleep until 3.30 am.  Well I know for a fact I was in bed by midnight and I certainly didn't lay awake for 3 hours.  I also didn't wake up exhausted.  Wouldn't it be great if I could harness that missing time and put it to good use?  I could have half a dozen blogs on the go, not to mention increasing my reading rate.

Oh that was another up - I've finished 2 of the 3 books set by the reading clubs I've joined and I managed 2 more chapters of Catch 22 today.  I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.  Goodnight.


  1. Sounds like a whole lot of ups going on there today. My day has been a bit of a down day with a multitude of things not going quite right. Hey ho. Tomorrow is a nother day. So sorry to hear that Maureen is not doing too good. Hopefully she will begin to improve soon. xx

  2. More ups than downs - and I hope when you read this your Mother-in-law is doing better.

  3. More ups than downs is always good! You know, muscle weighs more than fat. You are probably toning muscles and losing fat so don't be bummed about gaining a pound! It will eventually even out! You are doing great!


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