Friday, 8 January 2016

What is normal? 8/1/16

Well on Monday I wrote about things returning to normal after the Christmas Period.  Unfortunately the last couple of days haven’t been normal.  My MIL seemed to come through her operation well and when I went to visit on Tuesday they had got her out of bed and standing on the new hip in the morning.  She was tired by the afternoon and still very confused due to the anaesthetic and pain relief meds.  She was hallucinating which was a bit worrying but that’s happened before when she’s been on extra medication so not that alarming.  They were also keeping a close eye on her blood pressure as it was still very low.

By Wednesday afternoon she was much worse.  Her BP was still too low and she was also not breathing very well.  They moved her from an orthopaedic ward to a respiratory ward and had her on oxygen and under close observation.  We were all fearing the worst, especially as they were doing everything they could and would not consider invasive treatment or resuscitation if she deteriorated further.  The youngest daughter, who works as a sister in an intensive care unit in Kent so knows all about these sort of situations, stayed with her through the night.

However, she is one tough lady.  She survived the night and her BP and oxygen levels improved gradually over the day yesterday and she had a much better night last night.  We’re all feeling much more optimistic but we know she has a long recovery ahead of her and these current difficulties will hinder the rehabilitation needed for the hip surgery.
It’s made for a strange few days and my absence here.  I’ve just managed to post my Wednesday Hodgepodge and I’m going to try and get a Friday Five News post done later.  It’s good to have things to focus on.


  1. I will keep your loved one in my prayers!! Take care of you, too!

  2. She sounds like a fighter. I am glad she has turned a corner. Take care of yourself, too.

  3. I hope that she is continuing to make progress. Lots of love. xxxx


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