Friday, 1 January 2016

Perfect Porridge 1/1/16

Well Day 1 of 2016 started well with perfect porridge brought to me in bed by my lovely hubby.  I still struggle with getting the consistency right but I probably just need more practice.  I was sitting in bed feeling guilty about my inactivity- I started a new book on my Kindle and got carried away.  (Not forgetting the Whale by John Ironmonger.)  I managed to pull myself away after finishing part one but reminded myself that I'm going to be kind to me this year and reading is something I enjoy so it shouldn't be a guilty pleasure. 

But reading won't get the dinner cooked, although reading recipes definitely helps.  I'm sure I could think of excuses for reading to do with most things if I set my mind to it.  Even on how to avoid procrastination. 

However, today is a bank holiday.  A day off.  Yes even for those of us who don't work.  Or at least don't have a job with a fancy title that pays money.  Of course I have lots of titles: wife, mother, domestic engineer and toilet cleaner immediately spring to mind but none of them result in financial recompense.  The first two do, of course, have benefits and can be (at times) very rewarding.  (There is also a flip side to that particular coin lol.)

I think my new year will start properly on Monday when all my visitors will have gone home and hubby is back to work and things will feel normal again.  Well that's my plan.  It's good to have a plan.  Especially one that involves breakfasts in bed, reading, entertaining and not a lot else!

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  1. Happy New year and lots of happy reading. We should start up a reading group again.


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