Friday, 29 January 2016

Friday Five News 29/1/16

The INTERNATIONAL  story I have been following this week is the news of how the Zika virus is spreading in Central and South American countries, particularly Brazil.  The virus is thought to be the cause of an increased number of babies being born with microcephaly which causes small heads and brain damage.  This is very sad and must be incredibly worrying for anyone expecting a baby or wanting to get pregnant.

This LOCAL  news item looks at the development and progress on a project to introduce driverless cars in London.  Yes that is a scary thought.  Until you read down and find that “Each pod can carry six passengers but will require a steward to be present at all times to press the emergency button in the case of a problem” so not quite driverless then.

In SPORT:  No real news stories here.  Just a rant about Football on Fridays!  Don’t get me wrong.  I can quite enjoy an exciting game of football.  But football has historically been played on Saturdays.  It’s bad enough that we now have to endure it on Sundays as well but Fridays?  Why?  I was looking forward to the next episode of a crime thriller that I’ve been watching this evening.  But it’s not on today due to a football game that is being televised.  I was not amused.  But in trying to find a positive in this it has meant that I’ve been able to get this blog post done.

The entertainment stories of the last couple of weeks have included the sad news of deaths and this week’s  ENTERTAINMENT story is also about death but this time a fictional one.  Involving Daniel Radcliffe.  If you enjoyed him in the Harry Potter series then his latest film, Swiss Army Man, might not be a film you want to see.  I do admire Daniel for not wishing to become typecast after Harry Potter and taking on some challenging roles, but it sounds like this one might just be a step too far.  He plays a corpse.  I kid you not.

Under MISCELLANEOUS  I see that Tesco are about to end 24 hour trading in a number of their stores due to the lack of demand.  I quickly scanned the list of stores that will be closed overnight to see if the two stores nearest me would be affected.  Thankfully neither is on the list.  So if I wake up at 3 am and have a particular craving, Tesco will still be there for me.  The sad thing is that if I wandered down there in my PJs the staff probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid!

All links are courtesy of the BBC website. Opinions are my own.

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  1. The Sitka virus is really worrying and incredibly sad. I hope they can do something to get on top of it soon.

    Well there has been one celebrity death this week where I actually know who everyone is talking about. I liked Terry Wogan so it was a real shocker. I mean he was only 77. Just goes to show all the money in the world can't prevent you from dying.

    I agree about them messing up the regulate tv schedules for football or any sport for that matter. Why can't they just put it on channel 3 or 4 that nobody watches anyway? I get very crossed when it messes with Eastenders!

    I have never been to the supermarket later than about 8pm. Certainly never been in one at midnight. None of them open 24 hours here anyway. It's funny because I remember my Dad saying that one day they will all open 24 hours.


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